Using The Web To Save

Like many of my readers, I am a broke post-grad trying to catch up on everyday living and student loans. Here is how I save (and earn) money online:

  1. Ebates (save/earn) – If you’re planning to buy anything online, click through Ebates and earn cashback for you purchases. It’s entirely safe – you’re actually purchasing from the website you intended to, but you can earn anywhere from 1 to 25 percent back on purchases. What’s more, you can also apply coupons, so you save even more. For instance, I just purchased $150 worth of clothes, got $50 back in coupons, and then got $3.03 cashback for the transaction (it was a 3 percent deal). Ebates pays you through check or PayPal quarterly, and my friend once got a check for $109.
  2. eBay (save/earn) – Over five years of eBaying has taught me that you can pretty much buy or sell anything here. I sold a broken camera flash for $10, a 50-lb. box of Legos for almost $100, a $20 Def Leppard concert shirt for $50 and a plastic Barbie chair for $55. You probably have things lying around the house that you could sell for a pretty penny. However, unless it’s special, if you’re selling books, movies or video games, go with…
  3. (save/earn) – It’s an eBay product, but your items stay up for an infinite amount of time. The other catch is that the service takes a small percentage of your final sale, but it’s totally worth it, especially if you’re trying to get rid of old textbooks, books, DVDs and CDs. This is also the place to look if bookstore prices aren’t up your affordability alley. But, then again, you can also find books at…
  4. PaperBackSwap (save) – You list paperbacks you don’t want anymore, and get a certain amount of credits, which you could use to request books you want. So, people request books from you, and you request books from others – totally free. You just need to pay for USPS postage, but it all balances out in the end. SwapACD does the same for compact discs.
  5. Froogle (save) –  Google’s price-check arm. Use this to compare costs of items on the web before you buy – you may find an item cheaper elsewhere than where you originally planned to buy. MySimon basically does the same thing.
  6. (save) – If you plan to buy anything on the web, check here first for valuable coupons that may only be redeemed online. I saved $800 when purchasing my Dell laptop and received free shipping, paid $2.99 for renewal of this domain name and received 15 percent off of my recent furniture purchase from You can also find similar coupon and code sites by searching on Google for “online coupon site.”
  7. The Free Site (save) – This website is a link directory to all things free on the Web. I haven’t gotten spammed by signing up for any of the legitimate offers, and I’ve gotten tea, dog food, lipstick and more.
  8. Craigslist (save/earn) – Whether you’re looking to sell an item or are looking for something you need, you’re bound to find it on Craigslist. I once posted an ad that I wanted people’s broken jewelery, and I received a lot of bags of free beads and findings that would have cost a pretty penny at Michael’s.
  9. Zazzle (earn) – Design your own merchandise, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and mousepads, and earn a commission every time someone buys one of your items.
  10. (earn) – Yes, I actually followed the directions on this site and received a free iPod in 2005. My friend did, as well. The only drawback is that you may get a wee bit of spam, so make a new e-mail address entirely for this promotion.

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