Seek And Ye Shall Find (08/07)

Interesting Google searches that led to my website for the month of August:

  1. nextel chirp-chirp the music note – Someone willingly listens to this? It’s like fingernails across a chalkboard! Unfortunately, there’s a Nextel everywhere you turn on Long Island.
  2. change in smell after chemotherapy – I smelled like waffles. Seriously.
  3. coney island type perfume oil – Someone wants to smell like Coney Island? I imagine it would be a mixture of eau de Nathan’s hot dogs, saltwater and the┬áD train.
  4. hate chase -david -diane -bird -amv -paper -chevy -lyrics -kyle – Wow, whoever searched for this really has issues with things and people. Perhaps you should look into therapy. I don’t think it’s normal to hate Chase, birds, paper and Kyle.
  5. ct scan wax islip – Is that a new sort of spa treatment?
  6. how to prioritize my day – When you figure that out, let me know. I’m quite bad at time management myself.
  7. amanda asks what would google do? – Probably take over whatever it is, like it has with everything else.
  8. amanda noelle looks likeThis. Or if you prefer a pumpkin, then like this.
  9. someone using stolen credit card at metrocard vending machine – If you see something, say something, but don’t look on Google… call the MTA police!
  10. nude 8year olds – Please, please, please tell me that was a typo and you were actually looking for naked college co-eds. If not,┬áplease find a therapist. Bring the person who hates Chase, birds, paper and Kyle along with you.

And nevermind the amount of people looking for nude shots of various people on my site… this site is rated PG, move along!

2 Responses to “Seek And Ye Shall Find (08/07)”

  1. Lexcieeee says:

    I didn’t know that you had nude shots of people printed under your arms on your T-shirts. That is indeed a kind of an interesting pattern to print on the side of your shirts. Can’t imagine what kind of looks you get in NY. I bet you that’s why that guy hit on you!

  2. Yuri says:

    Your searches seem tame given that most people looking for my website want to be knocked up, blonde housewives, and read blogs written by hot women.

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