Alphabet Soup

So, I spoke to soon with the bronchitis and went in to work today, coughing up a storm. Wound up leaving a few hours early because I couldn’t take it anymore.

When I was there, however, one of my co-workers – another frequent sufferer of bronchitis – asked why the doctor hadn’t prescribed Levaquin verus the Zitrhomax for an antibiotic. I said thanks and that I would ask the doctor tomorrow. So, I walked back to my desk, pulled up Google, and typed in L-E-V – and promptly forgot the rest of the name. Suddenly the name came to me – Levitra! So I typed that in, and instead got pop-ups (no pun intended) for erectile dysfunction medication. Whoops.

Why do so many medications sound the same? It’s like all the drug companies shake up a box of Scrabble tiles, pick out a few letters and then name the medication. When I had cancer, I used to take Neulasta, a white blood cell booster injection, after every treatment. My mom would ask the nurses if they remembered to give me Lunesta. The nurses then would ask, “Amanda’s taking Lunesta? That’s not on the presciption list.” Then Mom would argue that it was. Then I’d have to straighten it out, but at that point, I would get my Ls and Ns mixed up.

Here’s a list of soundalike drug names. There were even more than I imagined!

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  1. Caitlin says:

    I never really thought about that before but you’re right. So many of these names sound WAY too similar. I wonder if it’s some sort of subliminal advertising or something.

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