Seek And Ye Shall Find (07/07)

Interesting Google searches that led to my website for the month of July:

  1. behrs furniture theme song – Why the heck would you torture yourself like this?
  2. metrocard refund – (212) METROCARD. Good luck, you’ll need it.
  3. finding artifacts rockaway jamaica bay –¬†Where you can find a great third rail insulator, busted TV sets and barrels of radioactive ooze.
  4. i hate chase / i hate bank of america / chase charges bounced check / i hate the chase bank commercial / disgruntled customers of chase / i hate chase bank – Glad to see I’m not the only disgruntled one.
  5. googley eyes – My mother says if I do that, my eyes will stick that way.
  6. noelle north nude / rockaway beach nude / annaliese van der pol naked / noelle scott nude – Does this look like a porn site to you? NO! Rated PG folks, move on…
  7. r ye nekkid? – NO! Doth I look nekkid to ye? ‘Tis not a porn site – move on!
  8. she left her stole at grand central station – Well, let’s just hope Metro-North’s lost and found doesn’t suck as much as the LIRR’s.
  9. lymph node protrude yawn – Erm… perhaps you should get that checked out.
  10. did journey fire jeff scott soto – Yes, enough already!
  11. robert moses field 5 nude – No, Field 5 is not nude! Child-friendly – no wee-wees and ta-tas allowed! Walk east if you want to bare all.
  12. my favorite songs by styx – How am I supposed to know?
  13. how to use bus in battleon – Like you would use a bus anywhere else. You wait for it to stop, open its doors, climb aboard, pay the fare and sit down.
  14. amanda’s arse – Excuse me? See numbers 6 and 7!

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