Busy Weekend

I had quite a busy weekend, which seems to be the norm nowadays. That’s a good thing – I really shouldn’t sleep in late and let it waste away.

Although I get out of work early on Friday, I decided to stay in the city late to avoid the mess of Fire Islanders/Hamptonites/Montaukians on the LIRR. So a co-worker and I went out for a movie, dinner and drinks, since the boss man gave us movie gift certificates for a job well done this past month. We decided on Knocked Up, because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it from my friends. And it was actually a very, very good movie, and quite heartwarming. Although I am not one for crudeness, it actually gave a more real-life element to the movie. You could actually see a friend in that situation. I haven’t seen any of Judd Apatow’s other movies yet, but plan to check them out.

And even though I stayed late on Friday, my 8:30 Patchogue train was still packed with beachgoers. Instead of the usual quiet ride home, it was quite noisy with dog barking, cell phone yapping and people saying, “Can you please move? I have to get through.” One interesting note: about every other female beachgoer had a Vera Bradley duffel bag. So, if you want to transform yourself into a Fire Islander/Hamptonite/Montaukian, you need:

  1. At least three pieces of luggage. One should be a Vera Bradley
  2. Sun-kissed hair. If you’re not already WASPy beach-blond, get highlights
  3. A dog, preferably of the small, yappy persuasion
  4. A polo shirt and longer shorts or capris
  5. Flip-flops that cost at least $30
  6. A cell phone permanantly attached to your ear
  7. A natural tan
  8. A bottle of expensive spring water

Well, thankfully, besides the leftover Ivy League frat brats behind me, the ride was uneventful.

Saturday, my siblings and I went into Brooklyn to celebrate an early Father’s Day at my dad’s house, where we barbequed. Was a nice time, and Lexcie met me down there and met some more of my family. Afterwards, he and I headed back up to Manhattan, where we went in search for gelato in Little Italy. Afterwards, he brought me to the Apple Store in SoHo, where I was more interested in the glass steps than the Macs ;o)

We then had no set plans for the rest of the day, so we decided to play “Follow the Little White Guy.” (For those who have never played before, you go in the direction of the “Walk” symbol and see where it takes you. So, if you’re walking on the south side of the street going west and are stopped by the red “Don’t Walk” symbol, you follow the little white guy, make a right and continue northwards. This only works in grid-designed cities like New York). We did find quite a few interesting things this way, like New York’s most unusual subway map, the quite-sparkling Sicis showroom, a woman selling resin-dipped dried flower jewelry and a man selling graffiti-ized subway maps for $15. By the time the little white guy brought us to TriBeCa, we found ourselves in a thunderstorm and downpour – perfect excuse for a trip on the Staten Island Ferry!

If you’re ever in a thuderstorm and close to the ferry, I’d suggest you take a ride – the lightening bolts hitting the water (and seemingly, the ships) is breathtaking. Although the storm had calmed somewhat by the time we headed towards Staten Island, it was still a nice ride in the rain. (And even though we technically weren’t playing “Follow the Little White Guy” anymore, we found ourselves sitting in front of an advertisement with the little white guy, so we got a chuckle out of that.) It was also the perfect photo opportunity for a closely passing Carnival cruise ship, which you don’t see too often. However, we did get quite wet in the rain, which did not spare the work clothes and laptop in his backpack. We did have to stop and make sure everything was dried before continuing.

The weather for the immediate ride back to Manhattan was even better. On one side of the ferry, the sky was dark and stormy, while the other side was sunny and bright. Both offered the perfect photo backdrops, and the Statue of Liberty was clearer than ever. I can’t wait until Lexcie uploads the photos to see how they came out (both of our digital cameras are broken, and even though his is the least fussy of the two, his LCD viewfinder does not work and he’s at the complete mercy of the regular viewfinder).

It was still pretty light out by the time we left the ferry, so we decided to hop on PATH to New Jersey and take a ride on Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, which Lexcie’s never ridden before. After some confusion with transfers, we had some fun with the ticket validation machine and rode down to Bayonne and back up to Pavonia, where we caught PATH back to 33rd St. We stopped to eat dinner, then headed back home to Long Island.

Speaking of home, the house is pretty much done – all that’s left to do is painting and putting in a new sidewalk and driveway. It looks absolutely great! Painting worries did take up much of Sunday morning, as I couldn’t find a way to get to Home Depot to get supplies to start painting my room. After stressing out and having Lexcie calm me down, it turns out I just wasn’t thinking hard enough about a solution. Alyse wound up driving us there, and $100 later, I came back with everything but the actual paint. It turns out Home Depot only sells Behr paint, and I want to get Benjamin Moore, since I’d only need one coat versus two. So, I took off work tomorrow to paint, and if I can’t find a ride, I’ll bus it up to East Islip Paint to get the actual paint. I’ve decided to go with brown for the walls and light blue (or fantasy blue) for the ceiling and inside the closet. I’ll probably then accent the room with chartreuse curtains, pillows and whatnot.

After the whole paint debacle, we decided to walk Obi and go get some ice cream on Main Street. We took a route I usually don’t take, and stumbled upon someone’s trash, which was about to become our treasure. The person was throwing out a perfectly good patio rocking chair set, with two leaf-molded iron chairs and a glass table. Besides some minimal rusting that could be sanded and painted over, the chairs were in great condition. So, with Obi in tow, we decided to drag the stuff back to my house, which proved to be quite a feat, especially for Lexcie, who was carrying both chairs and Obi, who kept wrapping the leash around his legs. I swear, it practically took us 15 minutes to walk two-and-a-half blocks back. But, yay for dumpster diving! I’ll just add this to my great list of treasures found in someone else’s trash (I think I may dedicate my next post on that subject alone).

Finally, we made it for ice cream. We tried a new store that opened up in Islip about two months ago, called Coyne’s. It had replace the long-standing Scoops and is much, much better. I’ve never seen so much ice cream in one place! It’s all homemade, about 60 flavors. I got Pistachio Cherry and he got Black Raspberry Chip, both of which were really, really tasty. Lexcie soon had to head up to Boston again, but he’ll be back down next weekend for my nephew’s graduation party and we may hit Coney Island’s annual Mermaid Parade next Saturday.

4 Responses to “Busy Weekend”

  1. Les says:

    Staten Island eh? I hope you didn’t come across any pig farms ^_^

    The whole getting on random buses/trains used to be a fascination of mine when I first moved to Edinburgh cos I didn’t know the city and wanted to see everything. But now I don’t tend to do that the same cos Edinburgh’s fairly small compared to any cities in america etc so really I’ve seen everything (yep, even the dodgy bits).

  2. Lexcie says:

    Les: Of course the Edinburgh bus network isn’t what it used to be. Back in ’93 just after deregulation you could ride a Lothian bus all the way out West to Livingston South, Bathgate, Armadale, Whitburn; you can still ride the #26 all the way out to Tranent to the East. You should try taking some of the green buses (used to be SMT/Eastern Scottish — I don’t know what they are called now but I bet you they are still green) leaving from the St. Andrew Sq. bus station. Those would take you out to the countryside and is much more fun than the city buses. The fares on them aren’t that much either. Also you might want to try the Yellow/Green Lowland Scottish buses to Peebles and Melrose. Just be sure to check the schedules first because sometimes these buses don’t come back the same day!

  3. Les says:

    Omg how do you know all this stuff? HAve you lived over here before?

  4. Yuri says:

    I was going to see Knocked Up, but after thinking about it, the entire premise of the movie seemed silly, and despite how funny it seemed from the previews and the reviews, there was just no way that I could *pay* to see that tripe.

    As for the Behr paint, we’re using it, it’s admittedly cheap, but it’s not bad and we’ve only used one coat for some of the painting that we’ve done in the house.

    heโ€™s at the complete mercy of the regular viewfinder

    I do that every time I take a photo and do you see me bitching? No, I love taking photos that way. ๐Ÿ™‚

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