Delayed Response

So, two interesting events happened today:

First, I received a bill from Fordham for $10 over a “student lockbox.” Umm, hello, I graduated two years ago. Why are you billing me now, and what the hell is a student lockbox? Sorry, you already took enough money from me. Your statute of limitations has run out!

Second, Mom found an Easter egg stuck between the hutch and wall in the living room. Apparently, it escape the clutches of my neice and nephew’s baskets during this year’s hunt. Well, there was the answer to the rancid smell we could not put our finger on. And, yes, we usually count, but my nephew apparently rehid some of the eggs when we were not looking.

I suppose you can call them delayed responses!

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    1. Caitlin says:

      Schools are so insane. I bet they sent out the same check to everyone who graduated in the past couple years in hopes that some people would pay it and they could get a little spare fund. Probably not, but it’s a good guess.

      Haha, rancid easter eggs. The easter bunny never remembered where he hid our eggs either and my sister and I always ended up finding one spare egg in one of our rooms a couple months later.

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