Spreading Spiffiness

As many of you know, my favorite word is spiffy. In fact, I use the word so often that one of the oncologists at Stony Brook Medical Center calls me “Her Royal Spiffiness.” Urban Dictionary defines spiffy the way I use it – to express general satisfaction.

However, it seems that a generational gap exists in its definition. Yesterday, a public relations guy asked me how I was doing, to which I replied, “Spiffy!” He said, “I didn’t ask you what you looked like, I asked you how you were doing. But I’m sure you look very nice today.” Lexcie ran into the same problem at work – he’s picked up on my usage, and a co-worker told him that he had perhaps confused the word’s meaning.

The p.r. guy and I then got into a discussion regarding slang, and I told him that, besides dapper, spiffy can also be used to general satisfaction. I told him if he ever needed to pick up on what the cool cats are saying, he has to use Urban Dictionary. He laughed and then told me about the “new” meaning of the word sketchy. When he was growing up, it meant “vague.” Only recently has his teenage son taught him that it could also mean “creepy.” (e.g. Tom Cruise, Steve Buscemi, Jeff Goldblum, many railfans and Ronald McDonald.)

So, spread the spiffy. It needs the well-deserved recognition of words like cool, phat and da bomb.

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  1. Lexcie says:

    Methinks you need an entry about Speeeeeonk now. You’ve just about covered everything spiffy that’s happened in the past few weeks!

    I really gotta update my blog. Maybe I’ll do that tonitue! Or, if I get this report finished, I can do a little of it at lunch time 🙂

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