The Car Less Crowded

The N train was running local this morning (heard something was up with the W train, because a few of my co-workers were late). Anyways, it pulls up to 34th Street and most of the cars are crowded, except one towards the end of the train, which had about 10 people on it. So, naturally, I enter the least crowded car.It smelled like death.

There was a homeless man on one side of the train, who obviously hasn’t showered in ages. He had also just went to the bathroom in his pants, and was further disseminating the smell by reaching down into his pants and moving it around.

I didn’t have enough time to switch cars before the doors closed, and the train poked along to 28th Street. Thank goodness it was a cold day, as I had my scarf with me and was able to filter my breathing. Most of my car, except for about five masochistic commuters, quickly sandwiched in the car ahead of ours as soon as we made it to the next stop.

If the guy wasn’t reaching into his pants, I would have thought he was dead – that’s how bad it smelled.

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