Happy New Year!

Wow, I only wrote one post in 2008’s entirety. That will change this year. Resolution number one. Happy New Year!

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  1. xkyrie_eleisonx says:

    Do you ever go to the Journey forums anymore? 🙁

  2. niamhaevalnimue says:

    lol yes. one entry in the entire year is entirely too few

  3. thatgirlcaitlin says:

    Good! I like to hear from you! 🙂
    Happy New Year, Amanda!

  4. amandanoelle82 says:

    It’s the same people posting in the same threads and there’s an “in” group. There’s really not much enticing me to post, and I haven’t thought of anything relatively funny to shake things up.

  5. amandanoelle82 says:

    And it wasn’t really an entry either, I fail.

  6. amandanoelle82 says:

    Happy New Year!

  7. lezli says:

    And to you too. You have been very quiet all year 😉

    Hope you are doing well and have had a good festive season.

  8. xkyrie_eleisonx says:

    Mmm true. I just figured you know more of the gossip than I do. I had a few questions.

    I rarely post either.

  9. amandanoelle82 says:

    Shoot, I do know some things.

  10. amandanoelle82 says:

    You too! Don’t worry, have been keeping up on my reading, so you’re not *techinically* ignored 🙂

  11. xkyrie_eleisonx says:

    What happened with Val and some guy? He got banned or something? I’m a MOD and no one would tell me the problem!

  12. amandanoelle82 says:

    Hmm… I wonder if it was JRNYMAN. He hasn’t posted since September 30. I will talk to my spies.

  13. xkyrie_eleisonx says:

    Pretty sure it was him, yeah. He used to be BayAreaBoy. I’m surprised you haven’t heard about this as it was a while ago.

    Basically what I gathered was that they were going out but she lied about stuff/is crazy and yet somehow he’s not welcome at the site anymore, so clearly something must have happened…

  14. lezli says:

    I totally understand btw. I’m really busy myself these days so sometimes I disappear for days/2 weeks at a time.

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