Tale As Old As Time

So, Lexcie and I went to go see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway last Friday. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies, and I wanted to see the show before it officially closes in July. A co-worker did tell me there were some difference from the movie – mainly, it was more comedic and there were more songs. Overall, I gave it a seven out of ten stars.

Why not ten, considering it’s one of my favorite movies? Well, precisely that – it was a lot different from the movie. The story line was essentially the same, but there were more comedic elements and a greater personification of the household objects. The Beast wasn’t as dark and emotional as he was in the movie. Belle’s character remained the same, but Annaliese van der Pol (of Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven” fame) was emotionally flat at times. The characters of Lumiere and Cogsworth stole the show.

The musical numbers were strong, although some of the dancing left little to be desired (random can-cans?) and some of the ensemble cast didn’t seem to know song lyrics. Lexcie – who had not seen the movie beforehand – felt the story was rushed at points. I’ll make him watch the movie one of these days ;o)

Beforehand, we ate at this great Asian fusion restaurant a co-worker suggested, Cafetasia, which lived up to its Yelp reviews. The food was delicious, served quickly and was nicely priced. The decor is perfect for a casual date, and the bathroom is definitely something to see. I think that was the first time I was ever in a unisex bathroom.

After eating, we decided to go kill some time by checking out some of the secrets of Grand Central Terminal and check out what was going on at The New York Transit Museum annex. Although we weren’t being too railfanish, we did find a consist of mixed M1s and M3s on Metro-North, which is apparently rare.

We then decided to walk over to the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre from Grand Central, and the new wedges I just purchased from Old Navy broke. We did find a Payless and I had to buy another pair of shoes. I already own too many pairs, and my mom just about knifed me with her eyes when she saw I brought home yet another pair, haha.

Rest of the weekend was spent at the park, BBQing, driving around Long Island and drinking lots of “cawfee.” All in all, a spiffy weekend :o)



And although “Tale as old as time” is pulled from the song “Beauty and the Beast,” I do have my own tale as old as time, which occured yesterday on the LIRR. Yes, I lost some more Tupperware on the 5:09 p.m. train to Speonk. This time, it was five pieces – a mix of good Tupperware from home and some sturdy Chinese food contatiners. Now, my lost Tupperware count is up to seven. I’m not going to even bother with the LIRR’s Lost and Found anymore, because previous recovery efforts have proved fruitless.

Gah. At least it wasn’t my grandmother’s good Tupperware, which she purchased off of the Home Shopping Network last year. She’s very protective of that Tupperware. I’d probably be chopped meat (or minced beef, if you’re British) if I had left that behind. I bet you she does an inventory count every day!

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  1. laura47 says:

    darling, why on earth are you using the color for links? i can hardly read it on white, and you never know what background color people will have on their LJ friends pages…

  2. amandanoelle82 says:

    My mistake. It was copied/pasted and I didn’t realize it showed up in color. Will fix.

  3. lezli says:

    There is a unisex bathroom at my work. Folk don’t seem phased by it, but it was a shock to the system when I first went there.

  4. bylinemjf says:

    I reviewed Beauty and the beast last year (http://www.dcist.com/2006/09/01/beautiful_stagi.php), and I was NOT a fan of the new songs. The lyrics were so bad! I figured they brought in some hack, and then I saw Tim Rice wrote them, who wrote one of my favorite musicals. Tim must have been phoning it in. Such a great movie/story, though.

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