Thtuffy Nothe

Allergies have still not died down. Today was probably one of the worst – I was dizzy, felt sort of floaty and all I wanted to do was sleep. Every time I talk, my mom has to ask me to repeat myself because I’m all stuffed up and not speaking properly. Case in point, a phone conversation I had at work with a public relations guy in Florida:

Me: This is Amanda
PR: Oh, hi Amanda. I didn’t call to talk to you, even though I usually talk to you about Florida stories.
Me (confused, because I had called him 15 minutes earlier and left a message about a story I was writing): Oh? Who are you looking for then?
PR: Samantha
Me: Samantha?
PR: Yeah, Samantha left me a message about 15 minutes ago about some Florida story. I couldn’t understand what she was saying.
Me: Oh, that was me. And my allergies.
PR: That would explain it.

Allergies nonwithstanding, I’ve gotten Samantha quite a lot – in fact, ever since kindergarten. There was a girl named Michelle in my class who always called me Samantha. A nun in high school. And then there was always confusion when I worked in the health food store; someone would call and tell my boss, “I need to talk to Samantha about ordering something.” Then my boss would say, “No Samanthas work here,” and that person would hang up. I’ve seemed to cause all sorts of confusion in my life.

Yesterday was spent driving around Long Island. Took Sunrise to Route 112, destination: Port Jefferson. Failed when I missed some sort of fork and turned right on Route 25. So, we took it in stride and decided to drive up towards the North Fork, instead. We hit some traffic around Riverhead, but made our way to Mattituck where we found this tiny business district called Love Lane, which we probabably would have missed had we blinked. It’s right by the Mattituck train station along the LIRR’s Greenport Scoot, which was quite amusing and not something I’m used to in terms of an LIRR station. It was only one platform and could accommodate two cars. Not only that, it had three hour headways. It also had its own little electronic sign telling you when I train was coming, so as an Islipian, I felt a little shafted. We found a nice little eatery for lunch and browsed through some stores, then headed back to Islip via the Long Island Expressway. Funny thing was, it was only my second time ever driving on the LIE, not counting the service roads. The first time was a few months ago, when I had to babysit in Scarsdale and there was an accident blocking the Southern State Parkway. I’ve always had this irrational fear of the LIE until then. But I’ve driven on I-95 in South Florida, I-85 in Atlanta and the Capital Beltway around D.C. Surely I could handle it! (And one could pretty much handle anything after driving through Midtown D.C. in the pouring rain.)Afterwards, we stopped at Old Navy to pick up some flip-flops (I have at least 20 pairs, barring ones Obi has eaten). At $2.50 a pair, you can’t go wrong. Then it was off to Robert Moses beach with the car windows down… wheeeeeee! Took a stroll along the water, found all these awesome worn-down clam shells, then skittered past the crispy noodies1 to check out the lighthouse and found a freshly-deceased horseshoe crab. We then discovered a boardwalk I’ve never been on before, connecting Fire Island to Robert Moses’ Field 5 parking lot, and we saw a doe hanging out on the side, apparently not too frightened of the many beachgoers walking past her. She had a tick party on her ear though, so I suppose it would be a good idea to check my legs to see if any of those buggers got on me. And speaking of buggers, the green flies were biting pretty hard yesterday. Remind me to bring a can of bug spray next time.

We finished the day at this new Japanese restuarant in Bay Shore after we discovered Smokin’ Al’s was packed. I didn’t even think to get the name of it, but it just opened last Wednesday. It was suprisingly empty for a Saturday night compard to Smokin’ Al’s and Milk & Sugar. The food was good and prices were comparable to other area Japanese food, but I’m still partial to Sumou in Bay Shore and Tai-Show in Oakdale. All in all, a spiffy day :o)

1 A perfect example of Engrish. “Crispy Noodies” comes from a Chinese menu from a restaurant near my brother’s house in Binghampton. Obviously, a misspelled item. In this case, it meant quite burnt sunbathers on the nude beach just east of Field 5.

2 Responses to “Thtuffy Nothe”

  1. Yuri says:

    Samantha, meet Jerry and Gary. 😎

    Samantha is probably your evil Jappy allergy-less twin who creates havoc that’s promptly blamed on you. Seriously, I;ve noticed that black people seem to be oblivious to the name Yuri and they’ve never seemed to get my name right ever. It comes to the point where I just give my mother’s maiden name or some other alias that’s easy to pronounce. It becomes rather frustrating after awhile since white people always seem to be able to understand Yuri.

    So, we took it in stride

    Who is *we* Mademoiselle? I smell a gentleman caller… 🙂

  2. Lexcie says:

    Wow, sounds like yous had a really good time. I wish there were places like that in Massachusetts where I could take my girlfriend. I mean there are beach towns on Cape Ann, and I’ve been there like once, but it doesn’t sound like as much fun 😉 Certainly, there wouldn’t be cool expressways like the LIE to drive on… the LI beaches definitely beats the pants off the MA beaches, I hate to admit. You have Robert Moses to thank…

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