Amanda Vs. The World Pt. II

  1. Amanda vs. Bad Underground Music (2-0) – Seems like my complaining indirectly worked. I’ve seen no Peruvian pipers this week, and I was treated to the sounds of two different doo-wop/Motown a capella groups in the past three days. So, whichever group hopped on my downtown R train at Canal St.  around 5 p.m. yesterday and sang The Temptations’ “My Girl,” thank you. If I had a dollar or two on me, I would have dropped it in your paper bag. I owe you one.
  2. Amanda vs. Her LG VX5300 Cell Phone (0-50) – After being a faithful Nokia owner since I began using a cell phone in 2001, I decided to go with an LG when my contract allowed me to get a new phone this year. It was only $10, and much more durable than any Nokia I have owned (it even survived a 20-concrete-step drop). However, it lacks an archive for text messages, which I learned this week. And now I can only store 50 messages before I have to go play the delete game. I have no other way to save them except e-mail them to myself, but that’s a pain in the ass.
  3. Amanda vs. the Long Island Rail Road’s Lost & Found (0-Infinity) – I’ve yet to locate my Tupperware and electric toothbrushes. I give up. At least some conductor will have have nice, shiny teeth and a non-soggy salad for lunch.

And an additional match-up:

  • R-40 vs. R-46 (1-0) – My mean distance between failures (145,045 miles) is better than your mean distance between failures (140,098 miles), so take your shiny, bucket-seated trains and go elsewhere, Yuri. I win this year!

Well, judging from my scorecards so far, I have some advice for you all: if I come back as a racing horse in my next life, don’t bet on me.

3 Responses to “Amanda Vs. The World Pt. II”

  1. Caitlin says:

    That’s pretty funny how it seemed like after you complained the horrible music went away. I love when things like that happen. I hate cell phones that don’t store many text messages as I text all the time. Mine stores about 200 or more. That really stinks… 50 is a really low number especially for phones nowadays.

    I think I might check out Yelp. It does sounds pretty neat. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Lexcie says:

    What I used to do is to photograph the text message on the cell fone screen using my camera. However, the micro-lens on my 3.2MP digicam has not been working ever since I dropped it (actually it fell from an abandoned retaining wall) lens first. Anyhow the txt msgs have recently been coming in too thick and fast for me to even have time to try taking fotos before hitting the delete button! 😉 My fone also has this annoying habit where if the message store is full, it will refuse any incoming messages until I make room… so I really have to be fast on the delete button. Maybe that makes me a DELETOR!!! =-o

    Oh, and I think the current MDBF on the Red Line Bombs is about 45,000… so you overshot past me by a looong way 😉

  3. Yuri says:

    Those stats were rigged! There’s no way that could ever happen!

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