Under The Sea

Well, even though my creative energy has been zapped, I was able to muster a slight recharge this past weekend so Lex and I could construct a five-foot replica of an R-36 Redbird for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Yes, us crazy cats are going to march in the parade carrying the replica, which has been decorated in marine life, to commemorate all the reefed subway cars. They are now now part of the underwater ecosystem!

Took us about two days to go about doing so, and involved a lot of cardboad, paint and posterboard. But it looks great, even though we took some creative liberties with it. We’re sure to get yelled at by some foamers. We’re not going to publish photos until after the parade, so come see us or even march with us.

Other than that, life’s been good. Not much has been going on, except for work.  Haven’t traveled since Atlanta, but tried to relive the experience by ordering grits at the deli near my office. New York grits ? Atlanta grits. I highly suggest you stay away. Even McDonald’s has been trying to bring Southern cooking up here, but their attempts to copy Chick-Fil-A = ultimate fail (in fact, a Tulsa Chick-Fil-A was letting people trade half-eaten McDonald’s chicken sandwiches for the real thing). They were giving away their chicken sandwiches for free a few weeks ago. I had one for lunch, but it was bland and slimy. Ugh. But I did discover that a Chick-Fil-A does exist in New York City, at NYU’s student center. I have to see if I can sneak in one day – my co-workers and I are on a mission. Yes, I work with a bunch of Chick-Fil-A addicts. If you’ve never been to one, go – your life will never be the same.

Did go to my annual work Mets game the other day. Boxed seats, sushi, Cracker Jacks – who could ask for more? Had to leave before I saw my name on the Jumbotron, but we always get pictures later. Weird that it’s probably the last time I’ll ever be in Shea Stadium. Chicago is also in less than two months, so that should be exciting. I’ve never been to the Midwest before, unless the boondocks of Western Pennsylvania count.

Nothing much else to report, but I suppose a recent scorecord is in order. Presenting Amanda vs. The World, Part IV:

  1. Amanda vs. Fordham (6-0) – They sent me yet another letter demanding $10 for room damages. I found the original while cleaning my room a few days ago, and they were charges from an unspecified semester. Well, if they’re not going to tell me from when and for what, I’m not paying. Who cares if they don’t let me sign up for classes – I DON’T GO THERE ANYMORE.
  2. Amanda vs. The Office Vending Machines (7-4 and $1.75) – For a while, I had a good streak going with the muffins. Apparently, they were too big for the vending machine and two always popped out for the price of one. It happened about five times, so I had 50-cent muffins for breakfast. Score. Well, that is until they got the “smart eye” vending machine that now accurately dispenses muffins. And the vending machines got two points for dispensing a banana nut muffin when when it should have dispensed a chocolate chip muffin, and dispensing a Diet Coke when it should have dispensed ginger ale.
  3. Amanda vs. The C3 Armest (0-1) – The LIRR has had a problem with its M7 armrests for a while, but not the C3s (double deckers). I’ve never had an armrest issue, that is, until I met a broken plastic-wielding C3 armrest the other night, which snagged my brand-new shirt as I walked down the aisle and chomped a 2-inch hole in it. At least the shirt was only $4 from the clearance rack at Kohl’s. But I told the conductor, who asked me if I wanted to fill out an accident request form. I told him I could sew it. He seemed surprised. Wonder if it’s the same form you fill out for falling in the gap?

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