Amanda vs. the World

So, here’s the latest scorecards:

  1. Amanda vs. Long Island Rail Road’s Lost and Found (0-2) – Two months ago, I lost a special (and somewhat expensive) Tupperware on the train. I had this nifty thingamajig on top that would allow me to dispense salad dressing at the turn of a knob so I wouldn’t have a soggy salad by lunchtime. Four visits to Long Island Rail Road’s Lost and Found office in Penn Station were fruitless, so I vowed never to leave a bag on the LIRR again. But the Tupperware gods said “HA!” So, Monday, I left my other special Tupperware on the train – the one with the nifty sandwich cooler – along with two electric toothbrushes I bought for 50% off at Duane Reade. So, I went to Lost and Found this morning, but the young William H. Macy-lookalike at the counter said nothing was brought back from that train. Oh well, I guess I have to go back to toting cheap Chinese takeout Tupperware now.
  2. Amanda vs. Metro (1-0) – Last month, I wrote a bitchy letter to Metro, AM New York and MTA New York City Transit about the pushy free newspaper peddlers outside of the southeast entrance of Herald Square/34th Street’s subway station. They were constantly blocking the flow of traffic, as well as leaving newspapers on the steps and bannisters – a pretty big safety hazard, if you asked me. Metro was first to respond, and told me it would remedy the situation. Now, its peddler stands five feet back from the stairs and out of the way. The MTA responded with some dinky form letter about getting the transit bureau on it, but that still leaves…
  3. Amanda vs. AM New York (0-1) – Its peddler still goes back and forth in front of the stairway like the paddle in “Pong,” the commuters her unfortunate ball. She is very pushy, and will block your way in order to fill her quota. I’ve gotten quite testy with her a few times when she tried to force the paper on me. AM New York never responded to my letter, and she’s still at it.
  4. Amanda vs. the Office Snack Vending Machine (0-2 and 50 cents) – The first bag of Apple Chips got stuck, so I fed the machine another dollar, hoping the second bag would knock it down. Both got stuck, and the machine never returned my change.

3 Responses to “Amanda vs. the World”

  1. Lexcie says:

    Damn, the Tupperware device you describe is pretty hard to find. Seems as though they had made various versions of the same thing over the years, but I still hadn’t seen one that had the twist-to-release salad dressing attachment. I think they still have ones where you can put the dressing in a separate small container that attaches to the lid of the larger container.

  2. Yuri says:

    I remember at Flowers, we would beat on the machines as a group to loot for our “deserved” free snacks. We stopped once we moved to the new office and cameras were placed around the office to record our various screw ups and random acts of vandalism…

  3. Caitlin says:

    So (1-5) definitely isn’t a good record overall. I hate trying to deal with lost and founds, especially one that is as large as a NY transportation system’s. I’ve never seen anything like the tupperware you described. It sounds really cool, though. Sorry you lost them.

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