Thanksgiving and More

It’s been quite a busy Thanksgiving Day weekend. On Thursday, the whole famn damily came over for dinner – there were about 20 of us in my small house – and pigged out on the usual Thanksgiving fare: eight-cheese platter with salami and pepperoni, spinach dip in pumpernickel, herring and sour cream on Wasa crispbread, turkey, orange/cranberry compote, green bean casserole, peas/bacon/mushrooms/pearl onions, stuffed mushrooms, mashed turnips, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, stuffed artichokes, celery salad, feta salad, pound cake, berry/apple/chocolate/sweet potato/pumpkin pies, three cheesecakes, sugar cookies, a fruit basket and chocolate. Oh, and shots of DiSorrano. My stomach hurts just writing all of this.

I thought Friday would be spent in recovery mode, until Lexcie suggested we go Black Friday shopping. I thought he had hit his head when he was a child. You know how I treat Black Friday – with turkey, mayo and iceberg lettuce on Wonderbread while in pajamas. He suggested Target, no less. I demanded I drive, because I didn’t trust his driving in Black Friday parking lot traffic (okay, just kidding there – we actually had the other Lexie with us, my niece).

So we went to Target, which didn’t turn out to be too crowded overall (Lexcie pointed out that the Lexington Avenue line is much more crowded). And I did make off with a Black Friday deal (which was all over the Internet, apparently, and I somehow missed) – a NextPlay iPod docking alarm clock for $29. We also hit up Barnes & Noble and Dollar Tree – but unfortunately, the latter did not have any Black Friday 89-cent specials. I did, however, get lots of Necco thin-mint wafers for 99 cents per box.

Saturday, Lex and I took a trip to the city. We took the LIRR to Jamaica, where we decided to catch the J train instead of continuing on to Penn Station. Since Lexcie hasn’t ridden the J and M lines in most of its entirity, we took the train to Myrtle Avenue, switched to the M, rode up to Metropolitan Avenue, then rode back down to Knickerbocker Avenue, where we got off to explore.

The neighborhood reminded me a lot of Fordham Road’s business disctrict, with the same type of deep-discount stores – oh, you never fail me, Pretty Girl and Jimmy Jazz. We then purchased some roasted “Nuts 4 Nuts” from a street vendor, and some of the nuts had wasabi on them – ick! Horseradish doesn’t taste too good with crunchy brown sugar.

We then decided to follow the El line down Myrtle Avenue, which particularly interested me because it was the neighborhood my mother grew up in. Well, it probably doesn’t represent where she grew up with very well – it was hard to picture Brooklyn kids playing stick-ball, walking to school and sitting on stoops amongst all the grafitti, trash and traffic that pretty much define the area now. I did see Central Avenue, Wilson Avenue, Suydam Street and other roads of family folklore. We continued walking back to Myrtle Avenue, where we caught the J back to Manhattan for lunch – yay for the $3.59 Popeye’s special on 14th and 5th.

We then decided to head back to Brooklyn to the New York Transit Museum. I hadn’t been there in a while, and it was like visiting a new museum – they’ve shaken things up since last year. The new exhibits on the Triborough Bridge and money collection were particularly interesting. We then walked down Fulton Avenue Mall – another Knickerbocker Avenue and Fordham Road. Although Jimmy Jazz pulled through, Pretty Girl failed me. We then caught the Q train at DeKalib Avenue to the $5 Lunchbox special for dinner, and then went home – spending less than $25 the entire day, a new record for us.

I did accomplish finishing the M line that day, bringing down the stations I have left to finish in the subway system down to approximately 32 (not counting the G train to Forest Hills). The lines in cyan are what I’ve finished; the colored lines are yet to be finished. I can’t believe I only have ONE stop to go on the D. I could have finished that easily while I was at Fordham, but nooooo. Now I have to go all the way out to the boonies to finish it.

Amanda’s Completed Subway Station Map

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Wow that’s a busy weekend. I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving dinner. I try to stay as far away from Black Friday as I can. I pretend that it’s not happening as I hide in my house. I’m glad you got some nice deals though.

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