Seek And Ye Shall Find (10/07)

Interesting searches that led to my website in October:

  1. nude pictures of m monro – Hey, stop looking for photos of my husband au natural. I burned the pictures as soon as I discovered we were married!
  2. steve perry s back on the road 7 years after journey s end – If he is, it’s probably just a rumor. Unless you count going to the grocery stores and baseball games as “on the road.”
  3. amanda thumbs – I have two. They’re quite nice.
  4. alison monro images – Hmm, she must be my sister-in-law. She heads the band Monro and is apparently a Scientologist.
  5. papercut earwig – Is that one way to kill them?
  6. gaydars in new york – I live in New York and have a pretty good gaydar.
  7. hello – Why, hello to you too.
  8. pic of people cramming for mid-terms – I bet this was someone from The Ram looking for a last-minute front page photo. Some things never change.
  9. fluid draining out of ear on pillow – Yuck. Perhaps you should see a doctor.
  10. eileen monro – not only do I have another sister-in-law, but both of them have the same names as my college roommates!
  11. positives of flesh eating disease – Umm…
  12. yuppification yoga – The next strech is called the Tall Grande Venti.
  13. robert moses field 5 nude beach photos – Are you even allowed to have cameras there? Not like there’s much to see. Mostly fat, sunburned Fire Islanders.
  14. bob barker pump you good – I guess this gives new meaning to, “Come on down!”

And this month, there were were about 17 different queries, totalling over 50 hits, for nude pictures of Annaliese Van Der Pol. For the last time, I don’t have any! Gosh.

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