I’m Married!

No, Lexcie and I have not tied the knot. It seems, however, that I have wed the man I’ve been receiving spam mail for since 2000.

Seven years ago, my AOL inbox began to fill with e-mails for Miguel Monro. Although the spam filter is pretty decent, many Miguel-intended correspondance eluded the filter. Miguel Monro, get a sample of Viagra on us! Miguel Monro, mortgage rates have fallen in your state! Would you like a free stress test, Miguel Monro?

Then in 2005, the e-mails stopped as quickly as they came. I said a silent prayer for the mysterious Miguel Monro, who ascended into the cyberspace heavens. Or at least until 2007.

Earlier this year, the spam mail started again, but this time, my phantom buddy went by a nickname – Mi Monro. Refinance your home, Mi Monro! Mi Monro, does your dog suffer from arthritis? Save 20 percent on the hottest new gadgets, Mi Monro. Oh, and don’t forget your free Gevalia coffee, Mi Monro!

Today was the kicker. Two spams converged into one e-mail – and I am now known to spammers as Amanda Monro. Hey, at least my initials haven’t changed.

I thought I should at least Google my new husband. Turns out he’s a filmmaker who presented his work at the Taiwan International Documentary Festival in 2004. The film was called 1-0 War Chronicle, in which Miguel, along with Pascal Convert, Fabien Beziat and Yohann Costedoat-Descouzeres, scrutinized the period around the Iraq war through images collected from public media.

One day he’s going to Google himself and find this creepy post. Ha!

5 Responses to “I’m Married!”

  1. Eileen says:

    So why have you been keeping this from everyone for all this time? Little did we know, back in college, that, while you were on the computer, you were checking in on Miguel Monro.

  2. Caitlin says:

    Hahaha that is pretty funny. It’s really odd what you find in cyberspace sometimes. 😛

  3. Sean says:

    Awwwww, its amazing how one finds love through Viagra ads.

  4. cole says:

    Congrats! Haha. That is quite funny.

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