Jingle All the Way

Bad allergies have knocked me down and out, so I’ve been home the past two days. Although I’ve been filing news and writing articles remotely, the Benadryl is making me super-drowsy and dizzy. I also have a headache, but I wonder it’s from the (appropriate) Astalin advertisement that plays on TV during every commercial break.

As annoying as that commercial’s jingle is, it’s not as irritating as some others out there – particularly Behr’s Furniture. There’s no video, but you can listen to its jingle over and over again on its homepage. In fact, Long Island seems to breed a lot of bad jingles – so many, that my mom wondered if a special jingle school exists. Any Long Islander could probably sing the following:

  1. Rockaway Bedding – “Rock, Rock, Rock, Rockaway Bedding, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rockaway Bedding, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rockaway Bedding, Rockaway Bedding, yeah!”
  2. Nicolock – “Let Nicolock Pavers (let Nicolock Paaa-vers), pave your way… pave your way!”
  3. Sleepy’s (in a bad R&B beat) – “Trust Sleepy’s for the rest of your life, we’re the mattress professionals d-doing it ri-ight… trust Sleepy’s for the rest of your life!”
  4. Suburban Exterminating – “Call 8-6-4-6-9-oh-oh for Suburban Exterminating, Suburban Exterminating!”
  5. Eddie’s Trailer Sales – “T-R-A-I-L-E-R-S, trailers (Eddie’s), T-R-A-I-L-E-R-S, trailers (Eddie’s). For camping in the USA, call Eddie’s Trailer Sales today, it’s Eddie’s Trailer Sales!”
  6. 1-800-MATTRESS – “1-800-M-A-T-T-R-E-S (oh yeah, Dial-A-Mattress), 1-800-M-A-T-T-R-E-S… and leave off the last S for savings!”

There are quite a few more, but I’m conveniently forgetting them (and hoping it will stay that way).

2 Responses to “Jingle All the Way”

  1. Aem Stenvaag says:

    Yeah… up in NE we have the annoying “matteress discounters” and the “eight hundred, two three two five double…” people (I can’t even remember their real fone number — kind of defies the point) amongst others… I don’t really listen to the radio/teevee so I don’t have this problem often…

  2. That’s one of the things you don’t get when you listen to your iPod or watch DirectTV. You’re free of all of the silly local ads that are poorly crafted, and only useful for pointing out their silliness. OTOH, DirectTV has some annoying spots as well for their various services, and sometimes they repeat over and over again and make watching TV rather frustrated after hearing the same commercial for pay-per-view for the 25th time that day…

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