Back to the Boogie Down

Yesterday, Lexcie and I made an excursion to the Bronx to meet up with Allison and Eileen for Fordham’s Homecoming celebration (which, of course, they lost 31-24). It was actually my first time at Homecoming, because as a student, I was usually cramming for mid-terms.

We first had to meet Allison at her apartment in the Inwood section of Manhattan, so we grabbed an uptown A train, only to discover that there was a G.O. and we had to switch at 168th Street to the 1 train in order to get up to 207th Street. I never transferred at 168th Street before, and found it to be quite a nifty station – you can only transfer via elevator. The elevator still says “To A and B Trains,” although the B train hasn’t run along that 8th Avenue Line since 1997. (There was also station signage that gave the old B train route, and likewise, you can find signs pointing to the non-existant C train running up the Concourse Line. However, due to a G.O., we did see a C train at the Tremont Avenue station later in the day.)

It was interesting to traverse a route I was so familiar with only a few years ago, yet is now so different. After we met Allison in the pouring rain, we hopped the Bx12 bus at 207th Street and took it down Fordham Road. The stores along the shopping corridor are slowly changing from deep-discount to more mainstream, and a lot of old standstills are gone or have new names (Chocolate Chip L.L.C.?!?) The traffic sure hasn’t changed, though.

Fordham’s campus has also slowly changed: more of the useless, wrought-iron fencing has been placed around random patches of grass; the bookstore and cafeteria underwent some fancy-schmancy renovations; the random white storage container over by Thebaud is gone; and someone wrote “Butthole” on a tree, which Allison swears was there when I was a senior.

Of course, we weren’t there for the football game – I didn’t support the football team then, so why start now? So, after mooching some free food in the tent on Martyr’s lawn, coloring pictures of rams and saying hello to people I haven’t seen in a few years, we decided to walk around campus. Of course, our first mission was McGinley to go break into the Ram office, which was quite unsuccessful without Eve or Jim around. However, I ran into Francis, the meal card swiper, in front of the cafeteria, and asked me where I’ve been for such a long time. I told him I was now in the real world, and he gave me a hug and bought me a muffin from a GO! fundraiser. Then walked past Eddie’s parade, where a bunch of student had sent up a Slip ‘N’ Slide and help an impromptu rain dance (like we needed anymore). At least the total campus randomness hasn’t changed.

Our next stop was Arthur Avenue for dinner at Emilia’s. Even little ol’ Little Italy has had its share of changes. It seems like a lot of the Albanian stores have given way to more Italian-themed retail, and a new crop of pastry shops have popped up. We did find a nice one around 188th Street, but I’ve unfortunately forgotten the name. However, it’s dirt-cheap compared to our jaunt to Manhattan’s Little Italy a few weeks ago. (The tiramisu speaks volumes – $3 versus $8.) We then met Jim at Pugsley’s, and went inside to see if Sal was there, which sadly, he wasn’t.

At that point, Lex and I were wiped, so we decided to head back. Another ride up the Bx12 to the D train, which we only took to 145th Street because of the choking crowd of Yankees fans. We switched to the A train, then had a pretty uneventful ride back downtown. However, I finally got the chance to see the 59th Street/Columbus Circle station renovations, and think they’re pretty durn ugly.

We then took the LIRR to Massapequa, which seems to be our new stomping grounds, and met Yuri for dinner at the Massepequa Diner. Never been there before, but it turned out to be one of the better Long Island diners I’ve been to. It involved way too much food for too little money, which is fine by me. And they had almond horns!

Today was spent at thrift stores and garage sales, as well as bringing Obi for her first ever run at the beach. All in all, a busy weekend. And next weekend may prove to be even busier!

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  1. Eileen says:

    I wish we could’ve broken into the Ram office. Thanks for reminding me of all the funny stuff that happened in that place!

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