Darwin Candidates on Loose

I don’t know what it is, but Darwin Award candidates have run amok the past few days, waiting for natural selection to pick them for the team.

I was waiting for the 7:10 LIRR out of Islip yesterday morning when the train began to pull into the station. A 20-something girl on the eastbound side of the station was ambling towards the pedestrian crossing, where you cross the tracks right just west of the platform. There’s no gate at the pedestrian crossing, but there was a flashing warning bell and a sign that says to look both ways for trains.

I suppose she wasn’t expecting the engine to overshoot the platform (it does so the first car boards at the end of the platform), and crossed in front of the train while it was still moving. The engineer leaned on the horn for a good 10 seconds and managed to stop the train short of hitting her.

Murmers of “Holy shit” and “Oh my God” filled the platform, and it didn’t seem the situation fazed the girl at all – she continued to amble up to the platform, texting on her cell phone the whole time! The poor conductor in the first car looked shell-shocked.

The engineer didn’t bother moving the train up further, so I wound up a car ahead of where I usually sit. The girl was in the car behind me, so I don’t know if she got a stern talking-to. Usually, the conductor says something snarky over the intercom about dashing in front of the train, but not today.

Since I walk to the station every morning, there’s been a few times that I’ve had to run for the train – however, if the train is already pulling into the station, I wait at the pedestrian crossing until the train stops. If the engineer sees people waiting at the crossing, he’ll usually stick his head out and wave them on to cross in front of the train. If I don’t get any indication from the engineer, I don’t cross – I just wait for the next train, which is nine minutes later. You don’t realize how big those DE engines are until you stand right next to one.

Lexcie said that on the T’s commuter rail, if you pull a stunt like that, they won’t let you on the train – they’ll just tell you to wait for the next one. Not that it would have mattered much for the girl, since she only would have had to wait until 7:19.

Compound that with the imbeciles that run across seven lanes of traffic on Sunrise Highway while wearing black clothes, instead of walking 100 feet to the nearest light to cross a little less dangerously. Not only did this one guy succeed at this feat in Massapequa two nights ago, but he didn’t bother to wait for breaks in traffic. I wonder how many drivers he unintentionally gave heart attacks. I counted two more in the same outfits driving down Sunrise last night, as well.

So, these two have survived not being eaten as young, hit by a diesel engine or squashed by a Toyota Sienna. I’m just wondering how long until they effectively remove themselves from the gene pool.

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