Garage Sale, Day Two

Today was significantly better than yesterday, and sales totaled around $70. Items sold include: a broken Tamogatchi for 25 cents; a sea-horse shaped bottle of bubbles for 10 cents; a Swarovski tiara for $10, because “Mommyyyyyyy, I want to wear it to school on my birthday!”; a creepy bracelet that had eyeball-shaped beads for $1; three dirty lawn chairs for $2; and a $3 travel iron that someone haggled down to $1.

In fact, the bulk of the sales came just as Lexcie and I started packing up. Three different carloads of people decided to take a peek through the boxes, and I wound up selling $8 worth of items in the last few minutes.

You may ask, for a measley $70, if the garage sale was worth it. To me, it was. For one, I wasn’t out spending the money this weekend, and there wasn’t any other way (besides illegal activities, and y’all know I’m a good girl) to pocket that kind of money.

Plus, I did get some reading done, and helped a 75-year-old man with his computer and online connectivity problems (and in return, he gave me a pair of sunglasses. And in return, Lexcie gave him $5). An in an odd way, both the book I was reading – Danny Wallace’s Join Me! – and the man were connected. Short book synopsis – Danny unwittingly starts a cult (or rather, “a collective”) called “Join Me” after placing a newspaper ad asking people to “join” him by sending him a passport photo. People start joining him, not knowing the purpose of joining him. Soon, threats of people leaving his collective force Danny to think of a purpose – and the purpose becomes making people’s days better through random acts of kindness, first starting with old men. (I’ll leave the rest for you to read – and I do highly suggest another favorite Danny Wallace novel, Yes Man).

So, some interesting statistics regarding my garage sale:

  • Women were more likely than men to stop
  • If a man stopped, he was usually looking for tools or his wife dragged him
  • The average age of a stopper was approximately 45
  • The average age of a buyer was approximately 35
  • A majority of buyers were 30-something females with blonde hair
  • Crown Vics stopped on Saturday, while minivans ruled Sunday
  • No luxury cars stopped
  • Most men were seeking tools
  • Most women were indecisive
  • People were more likely to stop if another person was browsing
  • Tarnished jewelery is a popular seller
  • No one likes kitchen appliances
  • A majority of stoppers inquired about purchasing a painting of Jesus
  • A majority of stoppers who inquired about purchasing a painting of Jesus were Hispanic
  • Most stoppers said something to the effect of, “Nice day for a garage sale, huh?”
  • The items most picked up were the painting of Jesus and Swarovski tiaras

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