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Seek And Ye Shall Find (09/07)

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Here are some of the more interesting Google search terms people used to stumble upon my website for the month of September:

  1. when the moment comes take the first one from the right – Apparently, I was not the only person to get this Chinese fortune cookie. At least five others have, as well. I feel so gypped.
  2. when the moment comes take the last one from the left – But wait a second, isn’t the last one from the left the first one from the right?
  3. why is the neulasta injection so expensive? – Beats me, but medication prices piss me off too.
  4. what happens when someone gets gangrene? – I may have to Google that myself, but if you’re interested in what gangrene looks like, go here (warning – not for weak stomachs).
  5. charley horse in upper left arm – That’s possible? I thought it only happened in your leg.
  6. nicolock sucks – Thanks for the warning.
  7. subway doo wop time – If anyone asks you for the time on the A train, here’s your answer.
  8. garage sale one day or two day – Spare yourself and donate to charity.

Well, that’s really it for the month. There are still people searching for naked pictures of Anneliese Van Der Pol, the “Barefoot Contessa” theme song and why Journey fired their last lead singer. Someone also searched about indecent activites on a Metro-North train, but that’s best left off my Rated PG site. I bet it was a foamer.

Quite the Busy Bees

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

It’s been quite a busy weekend so far: Friday was the Light the Night Walk; yesterday was spent at South Street Seaport and meeting some of my Journey-fan friends for dinner and an Evolution concert; and today was spent sleeping way too late, bowling and eating frozen tomatoes. (more…)

Amanda Vs. The World, Part III

Monday, September 24th, 2007
  1. Amanda vs. the Office Coffee Machines (0-2) – The first one wouldn’t even dispense liquid, and the second hot machine proceeded to pour out cold water, iced coffee and watery chocolate milk.
  2. Amanda vs. Target (0-1) – I could not use my 10 percent coupon without my Target credit card, when I wanted to pay cash. It was too much of a hassle to go back home, so I did not get my $5 off.
  3. Amanda vs. MSG (0-1) – No, I did not fight to get good Van Halen seats. This time, it was monosodium glutanate in Chinese food, which left me with a monster migraine and vertigo.
  4. Amanda vs. Lexcie (0-1) – Apparently, I smell like burnt toast, but I had no retort.
  5. Amanda vs. Fordham (5-0) – They sent me yet another letter asking me for money. I apparently owe them $10 for a 2005 dorm violation. They’re blocking me from registering for classes. But I’m not a student there anymore, so I’m not paying! Ha!

So, (5-5) this week. Even though it looked like I was in dire straits, Fordham kept the score even. Stay tuned for the tiebreaker.

Back to the Boogie Down

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Yesterday, Lexcie and I made an excursion to the Bronx to meet up with Allison and Eileen for Fordham’s Homecoming celebration (which, of course, they lost 31-24). It was actually my first time at Homecoming, because as a student, I was usually cramming for mid-terms.

We first had to meet Allison at her apartment in the Inwood section of Manhattan, so we grabbed an uptown A train, only to discover that there was a G.O. and we had to switch at 168th Street to the 1 train in order to get up to 207th Street. I never transferred at 168th Street before, and found it to be quite a nifty station – you can only transfer via elevator. The elevator still says “To A and B Trains,” although the B train hasn’t run along that 8th Avenue Line since 1997. (There was also station signage that gave the old B train route, and likewise, you can find signs pointing to the non-existant C train running up the Concourse Line. However, due to a G.O., we did see a C train at the Tremont Avenue station later in the day.)

It was interesting to traverse a route I was so familiar with only a few years ago, yet is now so different. (more…)

Pop-Up Attack

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

I can’t decide what’s more annoying: Adobe, which has been incessently sending dialog boxes to my desktop to remind me to update my Shockwave Player, or Lexcie, the human pop-up, reminding me when I need to do things. See, my day goes like this:

Adobe (6:30 a.m.): You have new updates ready to download.
Me (6:31 a.m.): <clicks “Remind Me Later”>
Adobe (7:13 p.m.): You have new updates ready to download.
Me (7:14 p.m.): <clicks “Remind Me Later”>
Adobe (7:15 p.m.): You have new updates ready to download.
Me (7:16 p.m.): <clicks “Remind Me Later”>
Computer (7:16 p.m.): <freezes>

Lexcie (6:00 a.m.): Wake up! <makes human alarm noises>
Me: (6:00 a.m.): Five more minutes.
Lexcie: (6:04 a.m.): One more minute!
Me: (6:04 a.m.): Let me sleep until 6:05!
Lexcie: (6:05 a.m.): It’s 6:05!
Me: (6:05 a.m.): <no answer>
Lexcie: (6:06 a.m.): You’re one minute late! You said only five minutes!
Me: (6:06 a.m.): <clicks “Remind Me Later”>

At least I learned how to disable Adobe. However, Lexcie came without a user manual.

End Of An Era

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Yesterday, I attended a town meeting that addressed the fate of the Islip Triplex movie theater, which closed down in September 2006 after almost 60 years. It was subsequently purchased by local developer J.J. Nazarro Associates, who plans to raze the historic brick building and put a mixed-use retail center in its place.

However, Islip resident Marcalan Glassberg wants to turn it into a multi-use arts center, incorporating a dinner theater, performing arts center and an art cinema. You can read the background story at the New York Times and Islip Bulletin.

The town meeting was touted as a “Save the Theater,” but judging from the reaction of a good portion of the attendees, the gathering was anything but. (more…)

Darwin Candidates on Loose

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

I don’t know what it is, but Darwin Award candidates have run amok the past few days, waiting for natural selection to pick them for the team.

I was waiting for the 7:10 LIRR out of Islip yesterday morning when the train began to pull into the station. A 20-something girl on the eastbound side of the station was ambling towards the pedestrian crossing, where you cross the tracks right just west of the platform. There’s no gate at the pedestrian crossing, but there was a flashing warning bell and a sign that says to look both ways for trains.

I suppose she wasn’t expecting the engine to overshoot the platform (it does so the first car boards at the end of the platform), and crossed in front of the train while it was still moving. (more…)

Garage Sale, Day Two

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Today was significantly better than yesterday, and sales totaled around $70. Items sold include: a broken Tamogatchi for 25 cents; a sea-horse shaped bottle of bubbles for 10 cents; a Swarovski tiara for $10, because “Mommyyyyyyy, I want to wear it to school on my birthday!”; a creepy bracelet that had eyeball-shaped beads for $1; three dirty lawn chairs for $2; and a $3 travel iron that someone haggled down to $1.

In fact, the bulk of the sales came just as Lexcie and I started packing up. Three different carloads of people decided to take a peek through the boxes, and I wound up selling $8 worth of items in the last few minutes.

You may ask, for a measley $70, if the garage sale was worth it. To me, it was. For one, I wasn’t out spending the money this weekend, and there wasn’t any other way (besides illegal activities, and y’all know I’m a good girl) to pocket that kind of money.

Plus, I did get some reading done, and helped a 75-year-old man with his computer and online connectivity problems (and in return, he gave me a pair of sunglasses. And in return, Lexcie gave him $5). An in an odd way, both the book I was reading – Danny Wallace’s Join Me! – and the man were connected. Short book synopsis – Danny unwittingly starts a cult (or rather, “a collective”) called “Join Me” after placing a newspaper ad asking people to “join” him by sending him a passport photo. People start joining him, not knowing the purpose of joining him. Soon, threats of people leaving his collective force Danny to think of a purpose – and the purpose becomes making people’s days better through random acts of kindness, first starting with old men. (I’ll leave the rest for you to read – and I do highly suggest another favorite Danny Wallace novel, Yes Man).

So, some interesting statistics regarding my garage sale: (more…)

Garage Sale, Day One

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

So, today I held a garage sale. In six hours, I sold two blouses, a roll of raffle tickets, two VHSs, a plaque, three pairs of earrings, a bracelet, Brita water filters and a pin for a grand total of $18.10 and two stuffed animals. I rock.

And today I learned: (more…)

Fall Is In The Air

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Summer technically does not end until next week, but autum is in the air, and as McDonald’s chimes, “I’m lovin’ it.”

Trees in Islip have already started turning shades of crimson and gold, and Starbucks has begun stocking my favorite hot caramel apple cider again. I’ve slipped back into cozy sweaters and hide under my down blanket while sleeping. School buses wake me up in the morning, and the smell of freshly-cut grass has been replaced by wafts of random chimney smoke or burning brush.

It’s difficult to peg my favorite season. When summer rolled around, I was more than eager to dip my toes in the ocean, build castles in the sand and partake in barbequed hot dogs and hamburgers. Yet, I still have a yearning for my backyard to be blanketed in white, my dog running around with a big snow beard on her snout. However, there’s something about crocuses peeking through melting ice and cool spring breezes.

I think I’ll take (E). All of the above. I’m happy to live in a place where there’s four distinct seasons.