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Seek & Ye Shall Find (06/07)

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Oh, how I love datamining. Interesting searches that have led to my websit this past month:

  1. lirr lymphoma / lymphoma lirr – So apparently the Long Island Rail Road caused my cancer?
  2. jeremey hunsicker journey / jeff scott soto leaves journey / jeremey hunsicker next journey lead singer? / what happened to scott soto from journey! / jeff soto leaves journey – Journey’s press releases are so bad that fans apparently have to turn to other fans’ blogs to get the news.
  3. jess scott soto leaves journey – Looks like Jeff has a sister I didn’t know about.
  4. behrs furniture jingle / trust sleepys for the rest of your life / jingles long island / rock rock rock rockaway bedding – Looks like others are tortured by horrible jingles, as well.
  5. long beach lirr nude – Okay, I’ve never been on a train to Long Beach, and now I don’t think I want to. And in other nekkid searches…
  6. annaliese van der pol nude or naked or topless – Eww, eww, eww! She’s on Disney Channel shows aimed at children. Bad!
  7. busy and amanda – Yes, an appropriate Boolean search.
  8. lexcie amanda – One word: stalker!
  9. jersey fried dough – If you find out what Jersey fried dough is, let me know. In New York, it’s zeppoles. In Massachusetts, it’s an entire pizza crust.
  10. tupperware – Another poor soul searching for Tupperware. I feel for you, I really do. A tip to the person searching: if you lost it on the LIRR, consider it a goner. Sorry.
  11. do the charlie brown song – Okay, my cousin taught me the move at a recent family party. Grab your right leg at the ankle and bring up so your foot is almost at your waist. At the same time, put your left hand on the back of your head. Flap both your arm and leg like a chicken. There, you’re doing the Charlie Brown.
  12. speonk – You won’t find Speonk on my website, but you could catch the 5:09 p.m. train from Penn Station, stopping at: Jamaica, Babylon, Bay Shore, Islip, Great River, Oakdale, Sayville, Patchogue, Mastic-Shirley and Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeonk.
  13. chinese flavourings – Hmm, not sure I know of any, but it’s cool that a British person visited my site.
  14. all you knew was to be happy because you were blissfully unaware of all the things that should made you worried or upset – Wow, those are some words of wisdom right there. I’ll try to live my life like this more often. Thanks!

WordPress Was Hungry

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

… and ate the long post I just wrote. Roar.

Anways, life continues on its busy way, which is quite a good thing. Last weekend truly began the summer craziness. (more…)


Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

I painted my new bedroom this weekend, and all I can say is ouch. My nephew did the bulk of the roller painting, while I did the corners and perimeter and Mom did some incidentals. I accidently pulled a muscle in my back yesterday when I bent wrong, and had to stay home from work because it hurt so much. By the late afternoon, all the pain was gone, so I resumed painting.

All went well until I took a shower afterwards. I put my leg up on the side of the tub so I could get the paint off of it, and it slipped. I fell with it, and my body twisted in an unnatural position. Now, my tailbone hurts like hell and I can’t bend over. I have to slowly sit and lay, otherwise I start crying. I took 800 mg. of Motrin, so hopefully that helps and I can go to work tomorrow. If not, it looks like I’m taking a field trip to the chiropractor.

Anyways, the room looks great. (more…)

Busy Weekend

Monday, June 18th, 2007

I had quite a busy weekend, which seems to be the norm nowadays. That’s a good thing – I really shouldn’t sleep in late and let it waste away.

Although I get out of work early on Friday, I decided to stay in the city late to avoid the mess of Fire Islanders/Hamptonites/Montaukians on the LIRR. So a co-worker and I went out for a movie, dinner and drinks, since the boss man gave us movie gift certificates for a job well done this past month. We decided on Knocked Up, because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it from my friends. And it was actually a very, very good movie, and quite heartwarming. Although I am not one for crudeness, it actually gave a more real-life element to the movie. You could actually see a friend in that situation. I haven’t seen any of Judd Apatow’s other movies yet, but plan to check them out.

And even though I stayed late on Friday, my 8:30 Patchogue train was still packed with beachgoers. (more…)

Googley Goodness

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

The Google Game

Put your name followed by the words is, feels, ate, died, wants, took, has, needs, was and must into Google’s  search box and post your funniest results.

  1. Amanda is wandering around, hungry and gets bashed in the head when stealing some bread.
  2. Amanda feels that going ahead with this denunciation is part of her need for reparation.
  3. Amanda ate an orange, and an olive and a peach. Since then her teacher always keeps the crayons out of reach.
  4. Amanda died May 26, 1893, and was buried in the family cemetery.
  5. Amanda wants to become a genetic engineer… or a millionaire, whichever comes first.
  6. Amanda took a hold of the beast by the hand. “You’re now my new best friend.”
  7. Amanda has had three breast augmentations, her eyes slanted twice.
  8. Amanda needs a wise friend to tell her that this too shall pass.
  9. When Amanda was 10, she told her mother that she was gay, but Kim pretended it never happened.
  10. Amanda must deal with an unexpected romantic interest in her family’s lawyer.

Hello, Stalkers

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

I know there’s a bunch of you reading my blog besides my usual commenters. I see your IP addresses and know who you are. So say hi and leave a note that you dropped by. I don’t bite :o)

Okay, maybe sometimes I do ;o)

Delayed Response

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

So, two interesting events happened today:

First, I received a bill from Fordham for $10 over a “student lockbox.” Umm, hello, I graduated two years ago. Why are you billing me now, and what the hell is a student lockbox? Sorry, you already took enough money from me. Your statute of limitations has run out!

Second, Mom found an Easter egg stuck between the hutch and wall in the living room. Apparently, it escape the clutches of my neice and nephew’s baskets during this year’s hunt. Well, there was the answer to the rancid smell we could not put our finger on. And, yes, we usually count, but my nephew apparently rehid some of the eggs when we were not looking.

I suppose you can call them delayed responses!

    Separate Ways

    Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

    Oh, I am so amused by this press release as per Journey’s official website:


    June 12, 2007 — Journey has parted ways with their recently named lead singer Jeff Scott Soto. Jeff’s first appearance with Journey was July 7, 2006 in Bristow, VA. He had been filling in for Steve Augeri, who had to leave the tour shortly after it began on June 23 due to illness. Jeff’s last performance was May 12, 2007 in Leesburg, VA.

    According to guitarist Neal Schon, “We appreciate all of Jeff’s hard work and we can’t thank him enough for stepping in when Steve Augeri got sick last year. He did a tremendous job for us and we wish him the best. We’ve just decided to go our separate ways, no pun intended. We’re plotting our next move now.”

    Keyboardist Jonathan Cain continues, “We were lucky to have a friend who was already a Journey fan step in on a moment’s notice during the Def Leppard tour to help us out. Jeff was always the consummate professional and we hope that he remains a friend of the band in the future. We just felt it was time to go in a different direction.”

    Journey–Neal Schon (guitar), Ross Valory (bass), Jonathan Cain (keyboards) and Deen Castronovo (drums)—is taking the rest of 2007 off to spend time with their families, write new songs and map out plans for 2008.

    Another one bites the dust. Why am I not surprised? I’m just surprised it was such a short tenure – Jeff hardly lasted a year. Thank goodness I spent all my money and time on the band when it was worth something. Now, it’s all just a big joke. I wonder who the new lead singer is going to be. Kevin Chalfant? Jeremey Hunsicker?

    I have to say, though – it was pretty crappy how the band cut Jeff out of the official band photo and bio before the press release was even isssued. Of course, the whole thing caught on like wildfire and the damage was done. I had no idea they could even trump Steve Augeri’s departure, but they did it. Congratulations, Journey.

    Life’s A Beach

    Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

    I spent quite a nice weekend up in Massachussetts with Lexcie this weekend, and it was a nice break from New York City and Long Island. It was the first time I traveled up to Boston when I wasn’t the one driving. I had originally planned to take Fung Wah, until Jarid pointed out that Greyhound’s tickets are just as cheap. However, there was an accident on I-84 and we arrived an hour later than we were supposed to. Lexcie then gave me the grand tour of Boston, first stopping in Chinatown to eat at Peach Farm (where I ordered General Tso’s chicken, much to his expectation, haha), then walking up towards the North End to have dessert at Mike’s Pastry (by the way, if you ever go there, try the tiramisu – some of the best I’ve had!). The city is quite an interesting place. I definitely got a kick out of all the “hidden” T stations, especially the one that looked like it was housed in a 1700s court house of sorts. I think I’d like to go back in the day time and check out all of the non-touristy stuff I missed when I used to go to Boston with my cousins. Lexcie is quite a spiffy guide. Afterwards, we took the T commuter train back to Haverhill. I thought LIRR was bad, ending trains around 2 or 3 a.m., but every last T commuter train leaves at 12:10 a.m. (more…)

    Track Record

    Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

    It seems that every time I go home on an earlier train than usual, an LIRR service delay affects my usual 5:09 p.m. train to Speonk. Practically every time!

    I had to meet with a commercial real estate CEO today at The Waldorf=Astoria, and by the time it ended, it really made no sense for me to hop on the 6 train back to work (which is pretty damned slow for a local), only having to leave 15 minutes later for the R/W to go to 34th Street. So I grabbed the downtown E train at 53rd and Lexington and went to Penn Station, where I grabbed the 4:04 p.m. Patchogue train (and took care not to hop on the 4:01 p.m. Montauk train, a mistake Chris and I made a few years ago. We wound up sitting at the Westhampton station waiting two hours for a train back to Islip).

    When I arrived home, my inbox was filled with LIRR service advisories. Apparently, two Main Line trains are experiencing equipment problems, and the Speonk train usually takes the Main Line home. It was diverted to the Babylon Line, and most of the lines were experiencing 25 to 30-minute delays. Just some LIRR rush-hour fun – and I got to miss it once again. Woohoo!

    Perhaps it’s making up for the three hours I had to sit in between Westbury and Carle Place during a 2005 snowstorm.