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Some pictures of NY Transit Museum Cars and Others…

Monday, July 19th, 2004

This past Sunday I went on a charity fan trip to benefit the March of Dimes. The cars used for the trip (which also ran Saturday, and will do so again next weekend) were the Brooklyn Union elevated cars and the R-1/R-4/R-7 IND cars. Click the photo of the trains to view some of the pics I took this weekend:

You can also view the other bunch of subway photos I have at


I really feel like shoving a pillow over my head…

Saturday, July 17th, 2004

Ever have one of those days which you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed? Well, today’s one of them.

After fighting with my sister over the bathroom this morning because I was going to be late for work, I finally take my shower and get ready for work.

Already 10 minutes late.

I’m driving in the car, and I realize, halfway there, that the store opens at 9:30 on Saturdays, not 10:00 like the rest of the week.

So now I am technically 40 minutes late.

I walk into the store, click my timecard, and my boss says, “Amanda, what are you doing here?”

I reply, “What do you mean, ‘what are you doing here?’ I’m working today.”

He replies, “No you’re not, I took you off.”

Sure enough, on the schedule, Amanda is crossed off in black pen. Just like this. Amanda.

This is after having a breakdown last night on the phone with Steve because I worked six days in a row, after the wedding, and haven’t been able to get adequate rest, therefore leaving me very cranky and overtired. Poor Steve, I don’t know how he puts up with me sometimes.

So, now off to buy a new pair of jeans at Old Navy, because I’m freakin’ swimming in all the pairs I have now. Yay for losing weight, but it sucks that I have to buy new jeans. Bah, I’m cheap, lol.

Speaking of cheap, I totally got the best pair of flip flops last night for $2 at the five-and-dime in Sayville. They’re black. And have NYC subway bullets all over them. And they’re so ghetto looking because they were made in China. One of them actually had the in blue. I wanted to get that pair because it was so funny and so wrong, but it wasn’t in my size. The only ones in my size were the “edited” version with the correct subway bullets. Except they still have the orange S, which doesn’t exist anymore. But that’s ok. Because now I have ghetto subway flip flops. And you don’t. So HA.1

1And no, I will never, ever wear these on one of the subway trips because that would be very foamer-ish, and I’m not a foamer. It’s just as bad as wearing subway socks on a subway trip.2

2Apologies to Ryan () for stealing his wonderful footnoteishness.

Besides Hal Sparks…

Wednesday, July 14th, 2004

After four episodes (1990, 1991, 1992, 1993) I have decided that VH1’s “I Love the 90s” officially sucks, and here are the reasons why:

1) It’s making me feel old much sooner than I need to. They made “I Love the 80s” 14 years after the 80s ended. The 90s have only been over for five years. Couldn’t they wait another 10 years or so?

2) They seem to be picking the worst parts of each year to feature. Lambada? Color Me Badd? That white Canadian rapper with glasses that sang that song that no one understood? Give me a break. There’s other material they probably could have used. Oh, they’ll probably need it for “I Love the 90s Strikes Back” later this year.

3) They featured Where’s Waldo? as a high point of 1993. Hello, Where’s Waldo? was originally published in 1987. I recived the book for my seventh birthday in 1989. Its peak popularity was 1991, when I was in second grade. That was the same year Nintendo released Where’s Waldo? for its NES console.

4) Four episodes so far, and “Saved by the Bell” has not been mentioned. I know it began in 1989, but it hit its peak in the 90s. “Family Matters” also began in 1989, and it had a segment in “I Love the 90s: 1991.” Excuse me, but “Saved by the Bell” defined the 1990s – don’t you remember Zack Morris’ freakin’ huge cell phone? I’m sure everyone will agree that this was a huge mistake on VH1’s part.

5) All the not-so-famous-anymore people being interviewed. Excuse me, what does Dee Snider really have to do with the 90s? Everyone being interviewed (with perhaps the exception of Hal Sparks, Michael Ian Black, Jane’s Addiction, and a few others) are has-beens that have long disappeared from memory. Until now. Susan Powter, Michael Bolton, Jordan Knight, Michael Bolton, Joey McIntyre, Michael Bolton. OK, I wouldn’t totally boycott the show because of them, because they leave me with slight amusement. Especially Michael Bolton. If they were going with the has-beens, they should have at least included Jaimee “Crave” Foxworth, the missing Winslow daughter on “Family Matters” (whose most recent works include Hot Girlz and More Black Dirty Debutantes 30). Also, how about interviews with Amy Fisher and Lorena Bobbitt?

Well, that’s all I have to bitch about for now. I’m sure I’ll have more after 1994 and 1995. Yes, I’ll still be watching. I’m a masochist.

Here comes the bride…

Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

Quickie update for now (I promise not to bore you with my usual super-long entry). A lot’s been going on, that’s why I haven’t been here, including my older sister Andra’s wedding on Sunday. The wedding was absolutely perfect, Andra was absolutely gorgeous, and the day went off without a hitch. My two favorite photos of the day:

Me, my sister Andra, and my sister Alyse before the ceremony
Andra and her husband Keith on the beach in the sunset

Photos courtesy of Steve, my wonderful boyfriend who played Mr. Clicky-Clicky all night with four different cameras :o)

Nothing much else going on here. Still working away at the health food store, which is consuming most of my time. This weekend is the MOD trip with the old wooden Brooklyn Union cars attached to the R9s, so I’ll probably go this Sunday and perhaps the Sunday afterwards to save Steve from the railiens. Tuesday is the Journey Concert at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, NJ, and I’m dragging (well, he’s actually willing) Steve with me :o) Can’t wait to see them. I’ve been suffering Journey withdrawl since the concert in Atlantic city last year with Kristin (), Ed (), and Meg () and our kickass front-row seats. However, this year’s fifth row, Jonathan Cain-side tickets will suffice :o)