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Working hard to get my thrill…

Friday, January 30th, 2004

veryone’s reading this and saying, *gasp* Amanda has updated three times in one month! And I know everyone reads my journal because they don’t go, “Wow, she posts a lot, I’ll just skip over her entry.” Yes, I know everyone loves me.

School has been busy. Super-de-duper-busy. My classes, minus one have been good so far. My Multimedia Production teacher is kind of, um, super-picky? I just hope I do somewhat well in the class.

Also started my job as the ever-so-mighty Editor in Chief. Took a lot of hard work, about 40 hours this week, and minimal sleep. But the first issue of The Ram came out great (with a few minor glitches) and everyone has complimented us on a wonderful job! That makes me feel so good. All the editors are just terrfic!

Tomorrow I am going to meet Allicia and Milke (pronounced Mil-khay) in the city tomorrow! I haven’t seen Allicia, one of the missing Losers, since July 4th (I think) when I rammed the car into Rachelle’s mailbox. Whoops. Also might see RJ at some point, haven’t seen him since New Year’s. He’s always on the road. Sunday, may possibly meet Yuri in the city, depending on how far I get through Neuromancer and The Matrix. Ugh. I hate The Matrix.

So yep, that’s all.

It goes on and on and on and on…

Saturday, January 17th, 2004

ontinuation of yesterday’s post –

7) New Year’s – Had the Murphys and the family over. We played lots of Bullshit again, then waited for the ball to drop with Ol’ Dick Clark. Pippin drank a bunch of sparkling apple cider. I’ve never seen a cat who enjoys weird foods as much as he does – sparkling cider, lettuce, bread, quiches. He’s just an odd cat. Next day was the Parade of Roses, and stayed home in my pajamas all day. Favorite way to start the new year! The Murphys came over the next night and we played a mad game of Cranium… Melanie had to sculpt DNA out of clay, and I couldn’t hum “The Jeffersons Theme” for my life! I made absolutely no resolutions. Will change my life as I see fit and when the time comes.

8) My Tattoo – Yes, I got a tattoo. Amanda, the ever pure one, got a tattoo. I needed to do something crazy for once! My sister Andra did my tattoo – a butterfly and flowers on my shoulder. It’s very purdy!

9) ASJ Mini-Reunion Thingy – Two words – it sucked. Although I loved high school and ASJ dearly, things will never be the same. It was nice seeing some old friends though. Funny how S. Joanne and S. Valerie didn’t come out to talk to us, yet they are always begging us alumnae for money…

10) Ed, Kristin, and Amanda Take Manhattan – Along with Kristin’s friend Ashley. Ed and I went to the video store across the street from Penn Station and had a jolly good time making fun of porn movie titles. Twats in Taxis. Foot-Fetish Fairies. I Like It Hard. Please Cum All Over Me.Damn, who gets paid to think up these things? We met Kristin and Ashley at Penn Station, then went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, The Plaza Hotel, the closing depressing FAO Schwarz, Urban Outfitters, then I got everyone lost a few times. It was bitter cold out, and we spent a lot of time riding subways. We shall continue this adventure come spring, in nicer weather, and go everywhere we wanted to go!

11) Third Annual Journey Fan Luncheon at Hard Rock Cafe – I got to play hostess with the mostess this year. Twenty fans gathered for the third annual luncheon in New York City, where we played games (ha, got everyone good with that quiz), shared pictures and memories, met new people, and had crazy fun. Journey’s lead singer, Steve Augeri, graciously bought us two bottles of champagne. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.. lots of fun, as usual!

12) Mini Loser’s Anonymous Gathering – Minus too many people! However, Jess, Melissa, Amie and I played a nice game of Cranium. Try acting out a claw foot tub, Tina Turner, a hormone, and “Girl From Ipanema.” Ha, that game rocks. Melissa has a muppet sweater! Jess works in a cosmetic store *snickers*! Amie molds dirty things out of Cranium Clay!

13) Working at CHADF – “No, Amanda, we don’t need you this break.” Then, they call me in the last week of my break and it was one crazy-ass work week. Not to mention Thursday, I had to work alone! I unpacked a whole shipment, made tuna, shoveled the sidewalk, managed customers, handled Internet orders, didn’t pee for seven hours, battled the no-$1-$5-$10-bills crisis, and still managed not to have a nervous breakdown. I rock.

14) Fordham Fun Stuff – Going back to school tomorrow… can’t wait! I’m taking Intro to New Media, Interactive Media, Multimedia Production, and Orality and Literacy this semester… even managed to have Tuesdays and Fridays off. I also start my tenure as The Ram Volume 86 Editor-in-Chief. Yay! Eek! Can’t wait to see the roomies and all my friends again. I miss FU! Will also be working two babysitting jobs in Scarsdale while I’m there.

Ok, my fingers hurt.
Signing off.

Did you miss me?

Saturday, January 17th, 2004

ow, so much has happened since I last posted. Let me begin with a Merry Christmas, Happy Chaunakah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year to everyone reading this. Happy Birthday, too, if I missed yours. So, here’s the Cliff Notes since the past update. (December first, January to follow tomorrow).

1) The End of Volume 85The Ram came to a close with a banquet and cheap wine. We gave out silly awards and most people got plastered. It was a great volume and I’m going to miss everybody! We defintely had some great memories. Now it’s my turn at the reins… eek!

2) Glen Burtnik Christmas Extravaganza – December 13, BB King’s in New York City – Went to see Glen Burtnik from Styx and Steve Augeri from Journey peform in a crazy Christmas show. Crazy is the best word to describe it, but it was so much fun! All genres of music, many different performers – but definitely put me in the Christmas spirit, which I was lacking at that point. Anthony came with me and we went to dinner first, then the concert. Spent something crazy like $120 on alcohol and killer tiramisu. Did shots with Styx fans. We gave the waitress an extra $20 tip accidentally, not realizing the tip was already on the bill. Whoops! It was a super fun night though, and it was nice seeing Anthony again. Also saw part of my Journey crew there – Diane, Christina, Mary, and of course, Lydia!

3) Turning 21 – It’s a very strange age. Everyone brought me out that night, starting with Kristen at midnight. I got the whole drunk deal over and done with. I’ve been carded one out of eight times I’ve been to a bar or bought alcohol. How depressing – do I really look that old? Now I have to reapply for medical insurance and everything else because I’m “not a child” anymore. Twenty-one is more work than it should be. Crap. I’m going to be 30 soon.

4) The Murphy 23rd Anniversary Party – Mel and Karen did a kickass job of putting the party together for Pat and Gene. In order to surprise them, they had to get them out of the house. Pat and Gene went out with my mom to dinner at Vicki and Rich’s, then Karen and I called and gave an Oscar-worthy performance about my falling over their dog, Dakota, then falling down the stairs and breaking my leg. Why? Because I am Super Spaz and it’s a realistic situation. So they zipped home to see if I was ok, only to find themselves the victims of a surprise party in their honor! Gene’s first reaction? “Thank God Dakota is OK!” Thanks, Gene, thanks.

5) Christmas – Christmas was great as usual. I got everything I wanted, and more. I didn’t ask for much… only a tape recorder. I got clothes, books, gift certificates, Microsoft Train Simulator (I keep derailing those poor trains), Rainbow Brite sweatshirt, Cranium, earrings for all of my holes, DVDs, and lots of other neat stuff. Family came over, and it was fun as usual. Went to Aaron’s house over the weekend to spend Christmas there, where I got my ass kicked in poker and kicked ass in Bullshit. It was great seeing the kids again… I really wished they lived closer.

6) MOD trip – Spent most of December 27 riding around New York City on pre-WWII subway cars. That was a lot of fun… it was like a time warp, almost. We went all over the place, and to a lot of places I haven’t seen before. That being said, I was one of the only non-wife, non-butch females on the trip. I had one 50-something guy (wearing a conductor’s hat, no less!) following me around the whole trip, telling me subway history facts. I kept nodding and trying to lose him. He did manage to get a picture with me and read me a poem. He was nice and all, but c’mon now. Then I got hit on by the hot conductor. He came over and began talking to me, telling me how most of the guys on the MOD trip were really weird. He asked how I became interested in subways and asked if I was going to be on the next day’s trip. When I told him no, he said, “Well, maybe I’ll see you around soon or I’ll leave you a post on the message board.” (The subway message board I post at). He then waved to me as the train was leaving. Haha, that was pretty cool… guys don’t usually hit on me. Also met a lot of the guys from the message board, they were all very nice. Went to Chinatown with them for dinner afterwards and rode around the subways some more.

Tomorrow (or whenever the hell I feel like posting the rest) – New Year’s, my tattoo, ASJ, Kristen/Ed/Amanda take Manhattan, Hard Rock Luncheon, work, school, ramblings, and other fun stuff.

Like you’re even reading at this point 🙂 You’re probably like, “Amanda sucks. Why the hell am I reading this?”