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And the strange dreams commence once again!

Wednesday, October 15th, 2003

llicia and I went back to ASJ to visit. We were standing in the foyer, and no one was around. We noticed a black sign with those stick-in peg letters above Sister Agnes’ desk that said, “Welcome to the Academy of St. Joseph” and listed names of administators under it. I noticed the sign had a lot of spelling errors and it was bothering me, so I suggested to Allicia that we fix the mistakes.

As we are fixing the mistakes, I notice we are making even more mistakes by taking letters away from other words. So, we decide to redesign the whole sign. We had weird sentences, including “Dennis the Menace” on it, but we used all the letters and had no misspelled words, so we were proud of ourselves.

We saw Sister Joanne coming and decided to run into her office and hide. She found us and yelled at us for playing with the sign, and I told her we got carried away. She said that it was ok, because she stole a new sign from the church down the street.

Suddenly, I’m walking towards the church, but it’s not ASJ’s church. It’s a strange white building on a city street. There is a big man in a baseball uniform giving out Holy Eucharist to a big line of people on the street. I get in line, and I realize he’s giving everyone popcorn kernals as he says, “Body of Christ, man.” An old man walks up with his golden retriever and asks if his dog could receive Eucharist. The big man says, “Sure,” and gives the dog a handful of popcorn, which he eats quickly.

I turn around and walk into the church, which looks like a hospital interior. Suddenly, I’m pregnant and Steve is with me. I’m telling him that I was going to have a baby, and it was kicking. He asks me who the father is, and suddenly I realize, how could I be pregnant without a father? I told him it was impossible that I was pregnant, even though the doctors told me I was. Steve started to yell at me, saying, “Why the hell would you lie to me about something like that?” and I start to cry. I kept trying to tell him I wasn’t pregnant but he didn’t believe me.

Yeah, I really need to lay off the crack before bed…