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I wanna make love, hot jellyroll love…

Sunday, September 28th, 2003

tlantic City rocked this weekend!

I took the 7:00 a.m. Greyhound from New York City to Atlantic City Saturday and got to Tropicana casino around 9:00, half an hour earlier than I expected, and three hours before I was supposed to meet Grandma, Kristin, Ed, and Megan. I wandered around the casino for a bit, and then went to the lobby desk to call Grandma’s room to tell her I arrived early. She didn’t pick up, so I decided to wander into the casino area until it was time to meet her. As I turned the corner, I bumped into her and we both had a good laugh over that. Right after I bumped into Grandma, Kristin called my cell phone, told me that Ed had just called her, and he was at Tropicana and didn’t know where to go. She told me to go find him, and I turned and Ed was right there. It was kind of funny how we all bumped into each other three hours before we were all supposed to meet.

We met up with Kristin and Megan, and then went to the Hilton, where Grandma treated us to lunch. We then walked back to the Tropicana, where we hung out in the room and talked about toys and TV shows from when we were younger. We also introduced Megan to Journey’s “Homemade Love,” which has to be the funniest, strangest Journey song ever. “I wanna make love, hot jellyroll love…” This got Megan started on the whole jellyroll kick, which will come into the story later.

We decided we wanted to make signs for the Journey concert, so we walked to an Eckerd’s near (or so we thought) to Tropicana. After a very long walk, we finally got to the drug store and bought posterboard and Sharpies. We sat outside the Sands casino and made signs, which included: “Ross Kicks (b)Ass”; “Deen-o-Mite”; “I Heart Journey”; “Long Live the Whale”; “Neal Rocks”; “Squirt Here Ross” with a bull’s-eye target; “I didn’t know Kenny G sang / Just kidding, Steve”; “Journey (verb) – To Rawk”; and “I love Journey and their jellyrolls” (courtesy of Megan).

We then took a taxi from Sands to Borgata for the pre-show party, and when we got in, Steve Perry’s “Foolish Heart” was playing on the radio, so that cab was meant for us. We got to Borgata and had an hour to kill before the party, so Kristin and Megan decided we should go elevator riding. They were only letting people who had room keys go upstairs, but we snuck past the person by talking to Lizzy, who was staying at the casino that night. We got on the elevator and were like, “Haha, we snuck by, we’re on the elevator” when Ed pointed out that the elevator had security cameras and were recording us. We got off at the 16th floor and looked in one of the rooms… really nice rooms they have there. We passed a room service cart, and Kristin swiped one of the mini Heinz ketchup bottles on the tray just because she liked it. We then decided to take the stairs down, and had a jolly good time making noise as we jumped down. As we were approaching the first floor, a Borgata lady saw us and asked us, “Do you work here?” and informed us we weren’t supposed to be in the stairwell. She directed us out some door, which led us into the service hallway. It seemed that everywhere we turned, someone was questioning our motives for being in the area, and we finally got back into the casino. After that, we were paranoid about the security guards.

We got our nametags and saw the romantic guy in his leather pants and trench coat, and we almost died laughing. Every time we looked at him we laughed. We went to the Metropolitan restaurant for the pre-show party, which kind of sucked because they split the party group up. We sat with a couple from NJ, Steve and Karen, and a casino guy came over and tried to make us play Keno, even though we told him we weren’t old enough to gamble.

After the restaurant, we had a few hours to kill before the concert. We wandered around for a while, then went upstairs by the event center and sat on these leather couches in an empty hallway. We were sitting there chatting and we suddenly see these Borgata employees carting drinks towards Salon D, one of the conference rooms. Megan asked, “Are those for Journey?” Most of the employees ignored us, but one finally said that Journey was in Salon D. So, we sat there and waited, and waited, and waited for Journey to come out. We bugged every person that went in and out of Salon D about Journey. Megan even offered to buy a security guard a nicotine patch if he let us in the room. Greg, Kim, Steve, and Karen found us and joined us. After a while, a lot of other people came upstairs, so we snuck by the door. Kristin put her ear against the door and there was a huge bang, which made her jump back fifty feet. After sitting there for about an hour, we find out that Journey wasn’t coming out, so we were a bit disappointed. We then went to sit down in our FRONT ROW SEATS!

We were right in front of Jonathan. I mean spitting distance. None of us have ever had first row seats before, so it was awesome. THE SHOW ABSOLUTELY ROCKED! The boys were at their best! They played the perennial favorites, of course, but one of the best parts had to be Deen on lead vocals for “After the Fall” and “Mother, Father.” The encore with Gibby Ross and the Santana songs was awesome, too. Journey definitely noticed the four of us. Ross and Jon cracked up over my Ross sign and Ross made faces at me, Steve bowed to Meg for the jellyroll sign, Megan and Kristin touched Steve’s hand, Ed touched Jon’s hand, and Meg got Jon’s sweaty towel. We didn’t get backstage after the show ::grumbles:: (spoiled much?), but it was still an awesome time. And security didn’t make us sit down, so we were able to dance and sing to our hearts’ content. One woman fainted and there were quite a few drunk people, but the place was sold out and everyone was having a good time.

It was awesome meeting up with people before and after the show – it was great seeing my HRC crew and everyone from Backtalk, especially Cj… I wasn’t expecting her to be there, and it was so nice to finally meet her after all these years!

After the show, we went back to the room for a while, then Kristin’s dad picked up her and Megan. Ed and I walked down Pacific Avenue and the Boardwalk and saw a whole bunch of hookers strutting their stuff… it was pretty damned funny.

After Ed left this morning, I went to breakfast with Grandma, and got yelled at for being in the casino part because I wasn’t 21. Damn authoritarian Tropicana guards. I took the 12:00 bus home, and now I’m beat! But the time in Atlantic City was soooo worth it.

I know I’m forgetting stuff, so Ed and Kristin, feel free to fill in!

I just realized I haven’t updated in a long time… school’s good, I’m fine 🙂 More later…


Monday, September 8th, 2003



I’m pissed.