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Dream Number Thirty-Eight

Monday, March 17th, 2003

It was Ram production night, but I didn’t feel well so I told Jess I wasn’t going to come down to do any editing. She told me that it was fine, and to go get some sleep, but I decide to go to Tinker’s bar instead.

As I am walking to the bar, I pass Eddie’s Parade, and there are a lot of couples in dresses and tuxedos slow-dancing on a sheet of ice. I meet RJ at the bar, and we decided to make stained-glass hearts for a little girl he knew.

As we were making the hearts, Lisa comes over to me, really drunk. She’s hanging on to this really nasty guy named Mike, and laughing. She hugs me, and hands me a Q-tip soaked in an orange liquid, telling me to smell it. I smell it and feel all weird. I yell at her, asking if it were some sort of drug, and she laughed and said it was in its unadulterated form. The guy sitting next to me laughs and told me to sniff the Q-tip while smoking pot, because my voice would sound different.

I go back to school, and decided to go to newspaper anyway. Only Jess and Allison are down in the office, which is strange for production night. I asked them where everyone is, and Jess said they were at the formal on Eddie’s Parade. She also says she is pissed off at me for saying I was sick then going to the bar.

Suddenly, I am at RJ’s house, and we’re making more stained glass for this little girl. Instead of making a heart, he makes something really weird looking. I tell him it looks like a nun in a blue habit, and he laughs and decorates the nun with red Christmas garland.