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Dream Number Thirty-Seven

Sunday, January 26th, 2003

Genovese in Bay Shore closed down and a movie theater opened up in its place. DeNoto got a job there, and Alyse suggested that we go visit her.

When we get to the movie theater, it still looks like Genovese. DeNoto said that Genovese left all their stuff behind, so they had to sell it like they sell popcorn. Some woman with a beehive ‘do buys shampoo and leaves.

DeNoto escorts us to the back of the theater, and all these women in bathing suits show us where our seats are. I accidently trip DeNoto as we are walking down the aisle, and she falls down. As she rolls down the aisle, she gets smaller and smaller. I start screaming, “Everybody stop moving! You’re gonna step on her!” DeNoto shrinks out of existance, and I get on my hands and knees to find her, thinking she rolled underneath one of the seats. Alyse tells me not to worry, because this happens to Jess often.

The movie starts, and it’s an old black-and-white Euopean film. Suddenly, the women in the bathing suits start throwing lighted matches at our noses. One hit the guy in front of me, and his nose went up in flames. He didn’t seem to mind, though.

My alarm clock wakes me up, then I fall back asleep again…

I am back in the movie theater again, but this time it is Islip Movies. I am standing in the back with a woman dressed as a French maid and Ross Valory. Ross said, “It’s time for our act now,” and we all start to act out this murder scene. I pretend to stab the French maid, and she starts to bleed. I start screaming, thinking I stabbed her in real life, but when I touch the blood, it turns into JELL-O.

A man grabs me and another girl, who looks like a sumo wrestler with a smashed in face, and says we won the prize, so we get to play a game with organic produce. He hands me a blue laundry basket and the girl has goggles and another basket full of brocolli, parsley, and water ballons. She throws a head of brocolli at me, and I catch it in my basket. She then throws some brown parsley, and I miss. She throws a water ballon, it hits me in the chest, and I fall down.

Dream Number Thirty-Six

Monday, January 20th, 2003

I had just gottem married, and was holding my reception in the Pathmark parking lot. I am by the soda bottle redemption machines, with a large card table set up in front of me. I am in a simple white wedding dress, and Alyse is in a teal bridesmaid’s dress.

A whole group of Mexican women start to bring me gifts to the card table, most of the gifts are Popples and My Little Ponies. Each time someone handed us a Popple, Alyse would say, “Sorry, we have that Popple already,” and I would elbow her, telling her to be nice.

The most disturbing part about the dream were the My Little Ponies…

One of the women hands me a chartreuse-colored My Little Pony. It’s face is the same as Jesus’ dying face on the statue of The Pieta. The pony’s legs are twisted into this grotesque shape. I ask my mom, “Who are these women?” and she replies, “I met them in my pew at church and they seemed pretty nice. They rescued people from September 11.”

One more woman comes up to the table and hands me a huge plastic bag full of stale Italian bread. Alyse informs me that it’s time to go to the restaurant. I asked her where we would put all the gifts and she told me she had a Winnie The Pooh stroller with a locking bottom where we could hide the gifts. We notice that a purple Popple has a gold-plated chain around its neck.

We get to the restaurant. It’s a Mexican restaurant, very small, and people are all squashed in. The place is decorated in white Christmas lights. A tall, handsome man comes over, kisses me on the cheek, and says, “Welcome to the family, sister.”