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Ok, this one takes the cake… Dream Number Thirty-Five

Sunday, November 24th, 2002

There is a big party in the courtyard in front of my dorm. I realize all I am wearing is a long t-shirt and no underwear. I get all frantic, and suddenly HOMER SIMPSON tells me he’ll sell me a pair of underpants for $4,000. I hand him over $4,000 and he gives me a pair of silky black panties. My friend yells at me for buying them, but I told her I was desperate.

I’ve been watching The Simpsons too much. Plus, I don’t know what morose means, I just wanted to see what the face was.

And I forgot the other gerbil dream! Poor gerbils… (and goldfish, too)

Saturday, November 16th, 2002

I am at home and my mom tells me my gerbils died because I forgot to feed them. I look in the cage and they are all stiff, laying down in a circle. Mom tells me they all died that way. I look over at my pet goldfish and it’s floating on the top of the water.

Dreams Number Thirty-Two and Thirty-Three

Saturday, November 16th, 2002

First dream…
My family is sitting around a large L-shaped table, with a huge Italian dinner in front of us. Everyone is there, even Aunt Rita, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Tony, and Aunt Anna. I find out that Adrienn had another baby, whose name was Madeline. It was one of the dinners that Aunt Rita used to cook… big pot of spaghetti, salad with vinegar dressing. Even RJ is there.

The dream was way too much for me to explain… the weird thing being that all the Aunts/Uncle mention passed away in the early 90’s… I told my mother about the dream and she got goosebumps.

Next dream…
I am living in Walsh with Eve, Becky, and one of the freshmen on my floor. It’s a big apartment and has a lot of computers. I get up to go to the bathroom, and when I walk in, it’s a communal bathroom with a lot of girls putting on makeup and a big matress covered with soccerballs is in the middle of the floor.

I decide not to go to the bathroom because all the stalls are taken. I walk back to my room and sit down at my computer. Steve’s roommate Jim is on one of the computers, and he Instant Messages me although I am in the same room as he. He asked me where I went, and kept typing until I answered. I typed back “I went to the bathroom” and he gets up from the computer, grabs his coats, and runs toward the door. He yells at me, “Hurry up, you have to sign me out!” I ask him what’s wrong, and he says he has to go back to his room to shut off the television and that commercials are oppressing his television. He’s shaking and yelling at me to get my shoes on. I can’t find my shoes, so I put on a pair of Becky’s fuzzy pink slippers.

I go downstairs, and Jim is not with me anymore. A girl says, “I’m sorry for what I said to you,” and hands me a McDonald’s hamburger and french fries. I thanked her, and started to run because I was going to miss my subway to Grand Central.

Dream Number Thirty Something

Saturday, November 16th, 2002

I go downstairs into the laundry room to find my mom. Two guys were fixing the washing machine and I told them to leave so I could talk to my mom privately. One said, “Well, excuse me,” sarcastically in a British accent and they both went upstairs.

I pull out four of my high school yearbooks, which were all covered with black cloth, and open my sophomore year one up to show my mom a picture. When I open to the page, it has blinking Christmas lights. There is a picture of me in a green flowered dress, being pulled around by Tara on one of the scooters in gym. I have these huge teeth with a lot of gaps. I tell my mom, “Wow, things have changed since I got braces,” and she nodded. Mrs. Trentalange passes by us and says, “You like that, huh?”

Suddenly, it’s like I became part of the picture. I am in the gym, watching Tara pull me around on the scooter. It’s like I’m watching myself and not partaking in the action. I pass Tara and myself and walk outside.

Now I am outside during recess at St. Mary’s. However, everyone around me is from ASJ. I am wearing the flowered green dress and have large, gapped teeth just like the picture in the yearbook.

Kathleen runs up to me and says, “You’ll never guess what Sandeen got for Christmas.” I ask her what, then suddenly we are both in CVS with Christina Frend. Christina says, “Ugh, I would never buy Christmas presents at CVS. I only shop at Macy’s.”

Dream Number Thirty

Tuesday, November 12th, 2002

I’ve been watching too much TV, I think…

I have to interview Winona Ryder for The Ram. I don’t remember what I was asking her, but we were laughing a lot. I tell her I have to go pick up my pizza but I will be right back. She tells me to come back tomorrow because she has another appointment at six o’clock.

I go downstairs to pick up my pizza from the delivery man. He is gone but my pizza is on the security guard’s desk. I ask the security guard how I was going to pay the delivery man and he tells me that he already paid for it, because the delivery man was a murderer and psychopath and the security guard wanted him to leave the building. I thank him and hand him $4 and walk back upstairs.

Suddenly, I am downstairs in the Ram office with my pizza. I check Winona’s away message, which read “Amanda, you are the coolest reporter I’ve ever met! By the way, Melissa accidently spit in your hair when you were on the Ram Van together.” I eat two slices of pizza and decide I am full. I give the other six peices to Eve, who said she was hungry.

I leave, and walk towards the Metro-North station. It’s pouring outside. I pass a huge building which looked like a Spanish villa. I have to go to the bathroom, but decide I can’t go inside to use the bathroom because the Jesuits live there.

Dreams Number Twenty-Seven through Twenty-Nine

Wednesday, November 6th, 2002

I am about to get married, but I don’t know who my husband is.

Ok, that’s about the hundreth time this has occured. What the hell does it mean?

I am wearing a pea green dress. We go into the church, but the lights blew out because of a storm. All the guest are getting impatient, so we move the wedding over to one of Millennium Hall’s study lounges, and after that, we were going to have the reception in the Botanical Gardens. It is still stormy out, so we have the reception in the school cafeteria instead. All my guests (whom I don’t recognize) are wearing boas and the cafeteria is decorated in a cheap Mardi Gras theme. All the Fordham students stop and stare at me, and I feel embarrased.

Next dream…
I am in Millennium Hall and I realize that Ross and Jon live there, so I am very excited. I knock on Ross’ door but he’s not there. He left a note on his dry erase board that says, “Kara and Amanda are right, JWLE!” I try to call Kara on my cell phone but I can’t get in touch with her.

I go on the elevator and see my freshman RA Jared and his mother on the elevator. He says, “I got so stoned last night.” His mother looks at him gasps. I tell her he was playing a video game where people threw rocks and stones at him and she calms down.

I go back to my room and Jon’s there, drinking a Coke and playing on my keyboard. I ask him to play “Back to the Innocence” for me, and he tries to remember the notes. I realize that he’s not playing the song, so I ask him to play “Til It’s Time to Say Good-Bye” instead.

Then my RA woke me up to help clean up the hallway that some drunken freshman messed up the night before. Pooey. It was such a nice dream too. I love Jon. Next dream…

I am in a pet store, buying a gerbil. I find a black and white gerbil that I like, spotted like a cow. I put him in a cage that’s shaped like a little house, but he gets stuck. I remove him from the house and stick him back in another cage. I didn’t realize there were other gerbils in the cage so he starts to attack them. I grab the gerbil and he’s all bloody. He bites me and I drop him. He scurries across the floor and runs under a radiator.