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Dream Number Twenty-Six

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002

I am at the Murphy’s house, and Karen and I are in the den, drinking a 30 case of Smirnoff Ice. Karen’s passed out, and I am sitting on the couch with a Smirnoff in one hand and a strawberry daquari in the other hand. Dakota comes in the room and starts lapping up the daquari and I laugh at him. Melanie storms in the room and knocks the daquari out of my hand and yells, “You’re gonna get the dog drunk!”

Haha… and I hardly ever drink… Nothing like a drunk dog, either!

Dream Number Twenty-five

Sunday, October 20th, 2002

It’s Mom’s birthday, so Alyse and I decide to take her out to an Italian restaurant then a carnival to celebrate. Alyse is going crazy trying to find the stand that sells fried elephant ears, but then settles on eyeball ice-cream (It was vanilla ice-cream shaped like an eyeball)

I go to pay for the eyeball ice-cream with my credit card, and the man at the desk tells me my credit is in dangerous hands. I asked him why, and he said my credit card company was taken over by the Nazis.

Suddenly, a refugee girl appears out of nowhere and is crying on the ground. She says the Nazis are coming to take her away, so I help her sing “The Star Spangled Banner”

I don’t even remember what dream number now… aww, screw it

Sunday, October 20th, 2002

There is a girl stalking me at school and she wants to kill me. I don’t know who she is, but all I know is that she has brown hair and her name starts with a K.

I go to take a shower, fully aware that she was going to follow me in and kill me. I take a nail file and pen to stab her with, just in case she tries to kill me. I go in the shower and leave both curtains open so I can see what’s going on (and yes, I was naked). I’m taking my shower and a custodian comes in and starts laying bath mats on the floor. I tell him to watch out for the girl so she doesn’t come in and kill me. He just shrugged his shoulders because he didn’t speak English.

I hear the door open and the girl comes in the bathroom. She starts looking underneath all the bath mats for a knife. I grab the pen, lunge at her, and miss. I run out of the bathroom (fully dressed now) screaming. She yells back, “I still have four chances to kill you!”

I run back to my room and watch TV, and it was showing all the people that the girl killed so far. The newscaster said the next person on her hit list was my friend Donna.

I run to the security office, where there are thirty policemen. I grab the phone and start yelling at one of the cops that there was a girl stalking me and she was going to kill me. He said he couldn’t help me. I screamed, “She knows where I live because she has the phone directory!” and he told me to wait my turn for a cop.