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Dream Number Twenty-Three

Saturday, August 10th, 2002

I am sitting by the Murphy’s pool and Alyse comes by me with a knife. She says, “I am going to cut you, and you can’t tell Mom because she won’t believe you.” So she slices my hand, but not deep, and I start to cry. I tell Andra that Alyse cut me and she says, “Yeah right,” and walks away.

Suddenly, I am in a parking lot, looking for the car. Tara and Nicole are with me. Nicole finds the car, drives it, and backs into another car. I scream at her, “You’re tripping on acid!” and take the wheel. She starts yelling at me then passes out.

Then, I am down in out basement. I find a tank with two guinea pigs, a bunch of gerbils, and a rabbit. I take out the guinea pigs and they start talking to me. One was named Sebastian and he tells me, “Please don’t put me back in the cage!” so I let him run around. He runs under the door and disappears.

Haha, Nyquil makes you dream funny stuff…

Dream Numbers Twenty-One and Twenty-Two

Friday, August 9th, 2002

I am at a resturant, which has a huge chocolate fountain with a chocolate waterfall, kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In the fountain are floating silver balls, also made out of chocolate. The maitre d’ (who looks like S. Mary Ryan, but isn’t) fishes the balls out of the fountain and throws them on the floor.

She says, “When I say go, crack open the balls and look for a car key. Whoever finds it wins a car.” She says go, and everyone scrambles to crack open the silver chocolate balls. I crack open one and find the car key. I see a man with no arms near me, and I feel bad, so I roll the ball over to him with the car key.

Ok, Amanda, like he could even drive the car! But Peter said it means I have a good heart 🙂

Next dream…

I have a major report due at school. I am at the library; Karen and Alyse are with me. Alyse is asleep on the table, so I try to move somewhere else so I don’t wake her up with my typing. I try going into one of the typing rooms but they are full. I decide to hold off on the report.

I go home to watch the video for my report. It’s about an Israeli teenage girl who is a Belgian refugee, and she doesn’t know how to read. The teacher yells at her,
so she makes friends with kindergartners, who teach her how to read.

Grandma is yelling at me that the movie is boring and to turn it off, so I get mad and leave.

Suddenly I am at Aaron’s house with Mom, babysitting Aidan and Alexia. The kids are asleep, and I am suddenly hungry. Mom hands me a piece of steak from the fridge, but I tell her it is raw and Aaron is marinating it for tomorrow. She says that it’s ok, so I eat it anyway. I also find frozen McDonald’s fries in the freezer and eat them as well.

Raw and frozen… yummy…