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Dreams Number Nineteen and Twenty

Monday, July 29th, 2002

Two nights ago…

I was buying a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese at the Fordham Deli. They didn’t have any in stock, so someone went to the bagel factory to buy more. When he came back, he charged me $93 for the bagel, and I paid him. After I realized how much I paid, I started yelling that they overcharged me. He said, “Tough luck, it’s labor charges.”

Last night
Alyse is showing me the mural she painted in the ASJ basement. I turn around and see another unfinished mural she did, and ask her why she didn’t finish it. She says, “Because the paint didn’t dry.” I tell he she has to throw salt on it first.

She puts away her paints in the closet and I tell her to be quiet because I hear Miss Stanwich coming. I peek out the closet door and Miss Stanwich is dressed in a pink striped calf-length skirt and high heeled platform leather boots. She is screaming at someone.

Suddenly, Alyse and I are in the car, and I drop her off at home. I drive the car to Main St, and there are old cars, trolleys, and trains going down the street. I set up a table at the street corner and two cars drive underneath the table and crash. I lift up my shirt and there are bruises all over my stomach. Andra suddenly appears and asks where the bruises came from. I told her a train hit me on the way down Main St.

Dream Number Eighteen

Wednesday, July 17th, 2002

I am walking down the street, and the woman who lives across the street in the huge Victorian house stops me. She says, “Look at my beautiful poodle!” I look and say, “What a nice poodle! My friend Melissa has six poodles.”

The dog in my dream was most definitely a pomeranian, and Melissa owns dauschounds. In my dream, though, I was sure they were poodles.

She then says, “I have a problem. When I die, I want to be buried with my best friend, but my mother will be hurt if I don’t bury myself with her.” So I told her to creamate herself so people could spread her ashes on her best friend’s grave and her mother’s grave so all would be happy. She thought that was a good idea, then handed me obituaries that she wrote about herself ahead of time and told me to pick out which one I liked the best.

Suddenly, I am in Marshall’s, and they are having a big clothing sale. I pick out this ugly orange shirt that was 50% with another 90% off. Mom told me to put it back because it was so ugly, but I told her that I had to have it. I chose a few more shirts then went into the toy department. I saw a black Mr. Potato Head and asked my mom, “Why do they have a black Mr. Potato Head if they don’t have a white one? Isn’t he supposed to be brown?” I also see Lego figurines of trick-or-treaters for the Lego dollhouse.