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Dream Number Seventeen

Wednesday, June 26th, 2002

I am in the backyard with Alyse, cleaning out Pokie’s cage. Three large, snake-sized centipedes crawl out and I run into the house screaming. One of them comes in side and I slam its head in the back door, killing it. Aaron asked me what I was screaming about and I told him I was scared that the centipedes were going to bite me.

Dream Number Sixteen

Sunday, June 23rd, 2002

I am in an airplane, flying over New York City, or what I think might be New York City. I tell the person next to me, “I really can’t tell it’s New York without the Twin Towers.” He tells me to look for the Empire State Building, but it’s foggy and I can’t see anymore.

Suddenly, the stewardess tells everyone to put oxygen masks on. The plane ride is bumpy. I grab a mask and put it on my face. There is a baby behind me, but no one else with him. I put the mask on the baby, who keeps ripping it off. Finally, he keeps the mask on and I turn to the person sitting next to me. He is not wearing a mask. I ask him why not, and he said, “It’s not like the oxygen is any better than the city air.”

The plane slowly lands and lets us off at the beginning of the Golden Gate Bridge. It doesn’t look like the Golden Gate Bridge, but in my mind, I know it is. I try to figure out how I am going to cross over into San Francisco.

Dream Number Fifteen

Friday, June 21st, 2002

I am at the Journey concert in Brookhaven, sitting towards the back of the seating area. A security guard tells everyone that there are extra seats in the front, so I get a seat in the front row in the middle. Steve comes out for soundcheck, takes my hand and sings to me. He leaves, then the stage crew comes out and starts setting up the stage for Blink182, who are the opening act.

While they are setting up, I take a walk around. I see Alyse and she waves to me. I go to the concession stand and see Emil. He hugs me. I mutter “hello” and walk back to my seat.

Blink182 plays one song and then the stage crew clears the stage to set up for Journey. A girl tells me that they are going to be a very long time, so I decide to go home and change my clothes.

Suddenly, I am in Jess Thomas’ station wagon with Jess, her mom, and Tara. Tara hands me a mini-refrigerator and tells me, “Mrs. Shay gave you an A- for the project, because you only made her a sandwich and not a salad.” I get pissed off and say, “She didn’t tell me to make a salad!” I open up the fridge and there is a tuna fish sandwich from work inside, and my face glitter. I start complaining that Mrs. Shay spilled my face glitter all over the inside of the fridge.

I tell Mrs. Thomas to drop me back off at the concert, but we make a wrong turn and wind up driving up and down Nicholl’s Road. I finally get back to the concert and Journey is singing the finale of “Separate Ways” and bows. I cry because I missed the whole concert.

Dream Number Fourteen

Wednesday, June 12th, 2002

I really don’t know what’s up with me lately, I’ve been having horribly distressing dreams. I woke up last night, scared to death of something, which I do not know. I probably had a bad dream which I was not able to remember. I didn’t get a lot of sleep because of that, and wound up falling asleep when I got home from work…

I am at Penn Station. It doesn’t look like Penn Station, although it has signs all over the place that says it’s so. I decide that I want to ride the subways for a while, and go off to the subway station.

When I get to the subway station, there was a sign that said, “Subway will arrive every three minutes.” I get on to one of the trains, an old green one, and the door shuts with me in between. It hurts. I squeeze through and find myself in an empty subway car, and then at the next stop, a Hispanic lady with a baby gets on. She starts feeding the baby, looks up at me, says something in Spanish, then disappears.

I get off the train and find myself in Penn Station again. Long, clear, cylindrical (sp) tubes pass by on a floor conveyer belt. I grabbed a Cosmopolitan magazine from a rack that was next to me, and went inside one of the tubes. The tube carried me through a large corridor with blue carpeting and leather seats. People were sitting down, reading magazines.

The tube stops and I get off at another subway station. A lot of people are going to and fro, it’s very crowded. Suddenly, a police officer grabs me and handcuffs me; I am arrested for a murder that was committed when I was nine.

I said I didn’t murder anyone, but the cop didn’t listen to me. She takes me to prison, which is in Texas. She told me that a little boy was murdered, and the only witness was his cousin. The cousin pinpointed me as the murderer.

When I go to prison, the police officer makes me type on a computer. Every mistake I make, the officer raps me on the hand. I write an e-mail to Jeunesse, and she writes me back, “I will still talk to you, but I don’t trust you anymore.” No one seemed to believe that I didn’t murder the boy. I start to sob.

Mel calls me on the phone and says that the local college is showing a documentary on my imprisonment and that they are staging a protest to get me out of jail. It makes me feel somewhat better.

Suddenly, I am home again in my mom’s room, looking at clothing magazines. Karen walks into the room and asks if I want to go to the mall with her. I said ok, and search for a belt and my blue sweatshirt.

Suddenly, I find myself in Penn Station again, this time with Karen. She’s looking at socks in a store and I start to cry again, realizing where I was.

Mom thinks I should go to the doctor, she doesn’t know what’s up with my sleeping patterns, and it’s worrying her. We’ll see…

Dream Number Thirteen

Sunday, June 9th, 2002

I haven’t updated this in a while because I haven’t been able to remember my dreams. Last night’s was a pretty vivid (and strange) one…

I was packing up my bedroom, but in my dream, it was my dorm room. My mom was yelling at me to hurry and get my boxes in the car, but I still had plastic boxes and paper towels under my bed that I had to get rid of. I told her, “They are going to charge me $25 per item if I don’t get my stuff out!” Suddenly, Ron Howard (Happy Days style) is standing next to me and tells me, “Leave the paper towels under there and just tell Fordham that the cleaning ladies left them.”

I go back to school. In my mind, it’s Fordham, but it is very clearly ASJ. I drop my stuff off in my room and there is a boy on my computer. I am very mad, and tell him to leave. I also see Juliette on my bed, studying for an English final. I then realize I had a final the next day and panicked, because I needed to study. I find the study sheet, but then I realize I don’t know anything, so I start reading my Bedford Handbook for grammar rules. I decided that I would study in the morning, and went to go play hide-and-go-seek with Kathleen.

I see Kathleen hiding on the seventh floor, and it feels like I am climbing the stairs forever to reach her. I finally get to the top of the stairs, and I see that she has short hair. She says, “Let’s check out the rooms up here.”

We look around the rooms. There are three of them. They are marked, “S. Maureen,” “S. Siobhan,” and “Dean Stratford.” We look in S. Maureen’s room, and it’s old, musty, and the bed is square-shaped. We go into S. Siobhan’s room, and it looks exactly like S. Maureen’s room.

This is the second time the name “Siobhan” has appeared in my dreams. I don’t know anyone by that name, either…

We are looking around the room and Kathleen picks up a black lacy bra at the end of the bed and says, “I don’t want to know what this nun has been doing,” and tosses it. I am looking at a desk full of papers and we suddenly hear footsteps. Dean Stratford walks into the room and asks, “Why are you girls here?” I made up some lie that I was searching for my lost black ring. So we start searching for this ring that was never there, and Stratford finds a silver ring with a blue stone. He asks me, “Is this it?” and hands it to me. I say that it isn’t, but take it anyway and put it on my finger. It’s a perfect fit. I tell him that I will come back tomorrow to search for the other ring.

Kathleen and I run downstairs to the sixth floor. I lose her, and find myself in another nun’s room. I am looking at the pictures on the wall, and it was S. Nora, at the beach, with a toddler in her lap. She’s not smiling. I go to leave the room, but her bed is in front of the door. There is another door, but I have to tiptoe past sleeping nuns in order to leave.

I run downstairs to my dorm room and trip over some guys sitting on the stairs. I excuse myself and decide to go outside again.

When I go outside, I find myself in front of a large fountain, with red and white lights. Pat comes over to me and asks, “Where is Alyse? I have to tell her that there’s no rule that says that she can’t sing.” I find Alyse and tell her what Pat told me. She breaks out into song with Bridget Jivanelli, and suddenly a mass of people start running down the fire escape because they didn’t want to hear such bad singing.