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Dream Number Twelve

Friday, May 3rd, 2002

Remind me to never, ever watch a scary movie before bed again. *sigh* I watched “The Juror” with Lisa last night. For those of you who don’t know what it’s about, it stars Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin. Demi Moore signs up for jury duty. The case is a murder trial against a Mafia boss. The Mafia bugs Demi’s house, and threatens to hurt her and her son unless she convinces the jury to say the boss is “Not Guilty.” Alec Baldwin is the Mafia guy in charge of watching over her. Really freaky psychological flick. The weird thing about the following dream though is that I woke up a couple of times, and when I went back to bed, the dream continued…

A whole bunch of people from school and I are on a school bus, going to a Walk-a-Thon. When we get off the bus, we get in line and start walking. I see Stefanie and Elaine and run away when they start coming towards me. They follow me and ask me where I was going and I stuttered and said, “Nowhere.”

Suddenly, I am back at home and it’s New Year’s Eve. The house is decorated and it’s nighttime. I am stringing blue lights across the manger, kind of like the manger was decorated for Christmas. I hear a plane flying low overhead, the lights flicker, and I hear a big crash. I run to the front door and look down the street. A TWA plane crashed down the street, at the corner of Nassau Ave. and Union Blvd. Everything just crumbled into black dust. Hundreds of emergency workers show up, all dressed in grey overalls and shirts to clean up the wreckage.

I run back into the house and tell everyone. Mom is lighting candles, because our lights went out. The only lights that remained lit were the blue ones I strung over the manger, but some of the bulbs blew out. I try to fix them, but it does not work.

Mom tells me to call Tara and tell her and the kids not to come for the New Year’s Party because of the plane crash. I call Tara, tell her not to come, and hang up.

Suddenly, I am at a huge New Year’s party hosted by the Mafia. I am wearing a billowy white cocktail dress and my hair looks like I just stepped out of “Charlie’s Angels.” I go downstairs into the basement with the rest of the teenagers. We stand around talking when I hear another plane flying low and a big boom. The lights go out, and the elevators stop working. Everyone starts freaking out and wants to get out of the basement. A boy in a wheelchair starts to scream because he can’t get upstairs without the elevator. A Mafia man starts laughing, and it begins to thunder and lightening outside. A huge snake coils around a tree that was in the basement, causing the tree to fall on the man, killing him.

I run upstairs into a big ballroom. The lights were still on, and people were dancing and drinking. I sit down next to Alec Baldwin and my two brothers, Aaron and RJ. Alec hands me three shot glasses, one with peach schnapps, one with raspberry liquor, and one with Bacardi rum. I pick up the schnapps and start drinking it, but I am having a hard time swallowing it. I lean over and try to kiss Alec, but he gets up and walks away. I manage to finish the schnapps, then drink the liquor and rum.

I get up to the dance floor and start to dance. I suddenly feel really sick and sit down again. I drink two glasses of white wine and walk over to a Mafia man standing in the corner. I tell him, “Please, just leave me and my family alone, I’m begging you,” and start to cry. Aaron come by me and tells me it’s time to go home.

As I am walking out the door, I see Alyse and Stacey, and ask them to come down to the basement with me. We walk down to the basement, which was now cleared out, and there were glass tables and chairs all over the place. on each glass table was a painted clay tulip in a vase.

We walk back upstairs and to the subway station to go home. Alyse runs up ahead of me to catch the subway and I yell, “It’s the wrong one, we have to take the C train!” I finally catch up to her, and when I do, she’s hugging a blond girl. She says, “This is my friend Siobhan.” Siobahn says hello, laughs, and walks away.

A subway train passes by, only two cars long and painted grey. I tell Alyse it’s not our subway and we keep walking. I see people jumping into a river underneath the subway tracks, and I ask Alyse why. She tells me, “They are trying to catch the E train and that’s a fast way to do it.” We finally see the train we have to take to Penn Station, but my MetroCard wouldn’t work at the turnstile. We jump the turnstile, and suddenly are back home.

It’s daylight by then, and I see a white Jetta parked on my front lawn. I ask who it is, and Aaron said Mom was stopping by Tara and Lisa’s house to wish them a Happy New Year’s. I stagger into the house, obviously drunk. I feel sick to my stomach and I just want to throw up. I see Mom, hug her, and start to sob.

I walk into the bathroom and brush my hair and take my makeup off. I go back into the living room and start crying again. I apologize to Mom for not being there New Year’s Eve, that I wanted to be home so bad. I tell her that I missed the ball dropping because a plane crashed and all the lights went out in the basement at the party. She asked Aaron if I was drinking, and he said, “It was her initiation into the real world, she did good!”

Mom points to the Christmas tree and said there were presents that I still has to open. I pick up a gift and unwrap it. It’s a book called, “How to Speak to Dogs.” I open it up, and it says on the front page, “Woof woof, bark, arf!”

Aaron turns on the news and there was the two plane crashes, the first one being the TWA one down the street and the other being a Southwest Airlines flight. I pick up the newspaper and look at the picture of the Pope on the front cover. I hear another plane, and it grows dark outside. I run to the front door and see an American Airlines flight flying low at a 75 degree angel, then a sickening, deafening noise. It crashes at the street corner and the lights go out. A traffic light from the corner goes flying into the front yard. Although detached from the pole, it is still blinking red.

I walk back into the house and sit on the couch. Alyse stands up and announces that she’s holding everyone hostage. I told her I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to lay down. She told me, “No way, there’s a telephone in your room and you are going to call the police.” I promised her I wouldn’t call the police and she let me go to my room.

When I go into my room, all my pillows are blinking. I look at the answering machine and there are 21 messages. I start to play the messages and they are all Whitney Houston singing.

Dream Number Eleven

Friday, May 3rd, 2002

I am going shopping for Christmas presents with Alyse. We buy a bunch of board games for all the kids at Toys ‘R’ Us then decide to go to KB Toys. When we get there, I tell Alyse, “Let’s leave the bags outside so they don’t think we stole them,” and she replied, “Well, you have the receipt to prove you bought them at TRU.” As soon as she said that, the receipt fell out of my pocket and flew out an open window.

I leave the bags by the door and tell Alyse to watch them. Then, a New York Times truck drives by and dumps a whole bunch of newspapers on top of the bags, crushing all the boxes. I freak out and ask to speak to a manager. The manager says, “Sorry, I can’t help you. You can’t prove you bought these toys.” He takes the bags and throws them out.

Alyse then said, “Let’s go to lunch,” so we went to Burger King. We meet this guy there, and he asks me out. I told him I couldn’t go out with him because I had to meet Dorothy at the bookstore at 9 p.m. to buy a textbook. He looks dejected and leaves. I call Dorothy on my cell phone and she says she doesn’t feel like going anymore, that we would go the next day.

It starts to rain.

Dream Number Ten

Wednesday, May 1st, 2002

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you thought you were really awake? I just did. I was taking a nap, and set my alarm for 2:00 so I could finish typing up my report and get to class on time, because I had a final at 4:30…

The alarm goes off. I sit up and read the clock… 6:40… I immediately scream and get all nervous, because I’ve missed my final. Georgi is sitting, typing on her computer. I asked her why she didn’t wake me up, and she told me, “I thought your classes were over.” I get all upset, but life continues as usual. I walk outside, and Queen’s Court is having the closing barbeque. I see my friends, I talk to them like it isn’t a dream.

Then my alarm goes off. I sit up, and look at the clock. It’s 2:00. I was dreaming. But I still feel as if I missed my final. Yucky, yucky feeling…