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Dream Number Nine (Are you sure the doctor didn’t give me crack or something?)

Monday, April 29th, 2002

I am in my room, building a house out of waffle blocks, with the intent to live in the house, away from my roommate. I put pillows, curtains, and a couple of books in the house. Then I realize I don’t fit in it because I am too tall, so I disassemble the house. My roommate goes out for a cigarette, so I put on “Troubled Child” and pretend to go to sleep. She comes back and says my computer is keeping her awake, so I shut it off.

Eve then calls me and asks me for the password to the horse stables on campus. I go down to the stables and decide I want to ride a horse. I pick a black and white horse named Jonathan, and I ride him around campus. Except, it doesn’t look like Fordham, but more like Brookwood Hall in East Islip.

I pass Steve, who is cutting little Mexican boys’ hair with scissors. I wave hello then ride on. Suddenly, a girl comes out of nowhere and stabs me with a knife in my elbow. Steve gives me his scissors and I stab the girl in the stomach. Suddenly, there are girls all over the place, stabbing each other and laughing. Alyse, Kaitlin, and Molly are there. Alyse takes a knife and says, “I have Cutco!” and stabs a girl in the chest. We all stop stabbing each other and one of the girls go, “Do you think we should go to the doctor or something?” and another one says, “The wounds aren’t deep enough,” and everyone laughs and walks away. I get back onto the horse, which now has a wagon attached to him. The horse and I get stuck in mud, so I get off the horse and he disappears. I find an art history textbook in the mud.

Dreams Number Seven and Eight (Thanks, Melissa!)

Sunday, April 28th, 2002

This morning’s dream…

I’m sleeping over Jess T’s house. We are in her den, she is sleeping on the couch and I am sleeping on another couch which is placed where her TV usually is. Her brother comes upstairs and slams the door, waking her up. She looks out the window and says, “Where is everyone?” and falls asleep on the floor.

Suddenly, I am back at my dorm and Georgi and Tiff are in the room. They said it was time to get ready to go to the sculpture contest, and they left the room. I get dressed and look for $20.

I meet Ashley outside, and she has the sculpture. It’s two ice sculptures of American Girl Dolls dressed as bunny rabbits. I “Oooh” and “Aahh.” She accidently drops it, and it disappears.

This afternoon’s dream…

Mom and I are at the mall. is having a contest where you hit a button on the wall and money comes out. I hit the button three times and $18,000 comes out in a $10,000 bill and other bills. Mom tells me to put deep in my pocket so I don’t lose it. The $10,000 bill looks really strange. It’s green and blue, has President Garfield’s face on it, and was issued in 1951.

I walk home and I pass a kiosk where they are asking for donations for the homeless. Three people from St. Mary’s were there, I think it was Evan, Kristen, and Colleen. I said, “I have enough money to donate!” and handed them a dollar.

Man, I was a cheapskate…

I walk home behind Islip High School’s tennis court. Mom isn’t with me anymore. There’s this really strange guy shoveling manure into a pile and talking to himself. A girl walks by and jumps into the manure. I hop the fence to cut through the school, and I pass four referrees and Kelly Bulk. She says something to me and I shrug.

Suddenly, I am in my front yard and I see Tara V in the backseat of someone’s car. She asks me if I want to come for a ride but it’s obvious the guy driving is stoned so I pass. They drive off, and my cousin Tara comes up to me and asks me if I want to go for a ride and she’s stoned, too. I tell her, “$#@! off,” and run into the house. She starts yelling at me and leaves.

Inside the house, I am talking to Mom. We start counting out the money and she tells me we are going to put it in the bank to get some interest on it. I told her I want to put my money in Chase bank, but she told me I had to put it CFS Bank in Pathmark I get all pissy and tell her that there are no CFS Banks in New York City and it’s easier to find a Chase when I need money.

Then Alexia woke me up, saying, “Auntie Mandy, are you sleeping?”

Dream Number Six

Saturday, April 27th, 2002

It’s Christmastime. I am putting a light-up Santa Claus on the mailbox outside. Mom comes outside and tells me that the Santa Claus is going to piss of my Jewish next door neighbor, then told me to come inside.

I go inside, and she’s setting up the Christmas village on the hutch. She tells me to help her finish it, but I had to go catch the train to go back to school.

I am suddenly back at school, in the McGinley center. I’m running around in circles, and someone told me I ran two miles, so I stopped. I walked back up to my room to get my yellow shirt, but Steve took it. I try to find him, but couldn’t. I decided to take a nap and fell asleep.

Dream Number Five

Saturday, April 27th, 2002

It’s thunderstorming out. There is a guy in my house, about 20, dark-haired, and good-looking. He says he has to run home and he will be right back. He gives me a peck on the cheek and I hand him a radio, telling him to be careful.

I go to the back of the house, which has a large, domed greenhouse. There are trees in the greenhouse, and you can see the lightening flashing outside. There are two tan colored couches, with fluffy pillows and dark brown afghans. I make them into beds, and wait for the guy to come back. I eat some peanut M&Ms.

Suddenly, it stops raining and I am by a lake, in a wedding dress. The guy is next to me, in a tuxedo. There is a priest, and he is reciting our vows. I realize the guy is a lot shorter than I am. We both say, “I do,” and he gives me a short kiss. He turns around and walks away.

Dream Number Four

Thursday, April 25th, 2002

I’m living with a few people from newspaper. I don’t recognize anyone but Maria. The landlord comes up to us and tells us we have two days to evacuate the house unless we pay our $700 rent. I start to cry because I don’t want to leave.

It’s a rich looking place, I am not sure if it was a house or an apartment. The real estate lady comes and starts showing the house to prospective buyers. Maria, in the meantime, is writing down everything the woman says on a pad of paper to use as evidence against her.

I run, upset, out of the house and go to the “C” subway station down the street. I meet Stefanie there and we buy lunch with flex dollars. I buy a glazed chocolate doughnut, a turkey sandwich, and a Dr. Pepper. Stefanie is having trouble paying for her food because she doesn’t have her card activated.

I walk back to school and get ready to go to Church. I am wearing a backless tan shirt and jeans. I have a tattoo drawn on my back, a musical staff. I show it off to people. I sit down and pray, then walk into another room.

The room is white and gold. Inside is a rose trellis and lots of painted gold chairs. Suddenly, a blonde girl walks down an aisle and starts throwing rose petals down. A blonde woman follows her, in a maroon bridesmaid dress. After her, comes my sister Ange, in a beautiful wedding dress and a headpeice that looks like Celine Dion’s. She is crying because my father didn’t come to walk her down the aisle. I begin to talk to her. She doesn’t recognize me, and our conversation is that of strangers.

I walk back to dorm (which wasn’t the house I was originally in) and get ready for a play I am going to be in. My face is purple, and it’s glowing as if it was under blacklight. I am dressed as a black witch. Georgi is parading around the room in my blue snowman pajama pants. I tell her I have to go switch hats with Maria because mine is too small.

I am suddenly in a field of high brown grass, almost wheat-like. I am in a red-checkered summer dress, and I said out loud, “I can take money out of my bank account to pay the rent to we can stay in the house!” I pick up my cell phone and begin to dial a number.

Then I woke up when Georgi turned on the TV

Dream Number Three

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002

This happened in the two hours I fell asleep today…

It was almost time to move out of the dorm, and Martha came over to repaint my room. She chose a teal color with a sage green trim for the windowsill. She was standing on Georgi’s bed painting the wall and dripping paint all over Georgi’s sheets. I asked her if she should put newspapers down, and she said the paint would wash out. She then proceeded to paint Georgi’s pillow with a teal happy face.

Georgi came back and said she didn’t like the color, she would have prefered purple and black.

Dream Number Two

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002

I go to visit my old teachers at St. Mary’s. Not many of them are still there. Mrs. Frederich passes right by me, and even though I say hello, she doesn’t say anything. I stopped by S. Grace’s classroom, but it was college students. She took a picture of me on her webcam and uploaded it onto her computer, to a “Sims” type game. She didn’t say anything, though. I also saw Mrs. Roulette and Miss Garrick.

After I left St. Mary’s, I went to ASJ to see the drama production. They were putting on “The Sound of Music.” When I got there, S. Karen saw me and told me that the piano player got sick and asked me if I could play. I agreed, and started playing some strange song on the piano. I saw a few people on stage I knew, but they were all younger than me.

S. Maureen then called me to the back and told me to bring up the Eucharist when S. Karen motioned for me to. She motioned for me to bring it up, but I forgot to go up and another girl brought it up.

I then saw Tara Vazquez in the audience and we decided to go to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat. When we went downstairs, it was Fordham’s cafeteria, not ASJ’s. They were serving all types of strange food for a cafeteria… stuffed mushrooms, clams, oysters, and filet mignon. I got some pasta, Lucky Charms, and mushrooms and sat down. I ate with Tara and a sophomore I always see around but don’t know her name.

The dream that started it all…

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002

Lately, I have been having the oddest dreams. I mean, really odd… you’d think I was on drugs or something. I decided that, since I don’t update this thing very often, I am just going to record my strange dreams. This is the one that started it all…

It’s winter, around December because the Christmas decorations are up in the front yard and it’s cold.

Inside, Alyse is having her 18th birthday party. Her friends are giving her clothes that she would never wear, like a sparkley black halter top. She holds up the halter top and says, “I can’t wear this, I’m pregnant.” I start to flip out, and it seems like I am the only person reacting to this news. Then she says, “No I’m not, I am just telling Steve that to get him angry.”

I pick up a gift and walk into the living room, where Melanie is opening a package with a Winnie-the-Pooh quilt. I open the box and it’s a pink Barbie couch. I asked Mel, “How come we didn’t have things like this when we actually played with Barbies?” and she shrugged.

I walked into the kitchen, and Grandma and Mom were putting leftovers into the freezer. I see a pink balloon and start playing with it. I go outside with the balloon and start to float around the front yard with it. The wind keeps floating me towards Union Blvd. My feet are definitly off the ground, and it’s such a weird feeling. Suddenly, the balloon stretches to an amorphous shape and pops.

I go to walk inside and Aaron is walking outside. I asked him where he was going, and he said Michelin Tires, because they were having a sale – go wearing only a tire and you would get free tires for your car. He leaves and Ange pulls into the driveway, and asks me if I wanted to go to Pathmark with her, Joey and Zach.

We go to Pathmark and I see an ad for Michelin tires out front. We go inside and I buy cherry-flavored blueberry muffins. We go back into the car, and we see a train pass. It wasn’t the normal double decker, but one of the new Connecticut MTA trains. Ange then says, “Why don’t we catch the train and go to the city?”

We get in the car and drive around to Nassau Ave. The train gates go down again, and an Amtrak train passes. Ange says, “We have to eat the frozen food before we go on the train because we have no time to drop it off home.” We eat the frozen food. Zach is complaining that the muffins had wheat in them. I then realize that Zach is about five and Joey is about eight years old.

We walk onto the south platform (which strangely, does not point towards the city) and waited for a train. A “B” subway comes (it was one of the older R-40 models) and stops. Joey hops on and we yell, “No Joey, that’s the wrong train!” I pry open the door and chase after him. We all hop on the train, and Joey hops out the other side. I pry open the door and try to grab him. He’s running alongside the train and trying to grab on to my hands. The conductor is yelling, “He’s going to slip, the kid’s not going to make it!” I feel my palms sweating, and I finally grab a hold of him and get him on the train. We sit down and Ange calmly asks Joey, “Why did you do that?” He said, “Because you never do what I want to do when we go to the city! I want to go rollerskating!”

So we got off at Wantaugh and went rollerskating…

I woke up at the point, shut off my alarm and went back to sleep…

Mom and I stop at a scaled down liquor store in Manhattan for Christmas presents. The store is closing. It sells books, statues, candy, and liquor. Mom asks for three bottles of Absolut Vodka. My cousin Tara was working there. She said they only had vodka in one liter soda bottles. I eat a chocolate covered raspberry and look at a statue that Mom doesn’t lilke. It’s a man on top of an elephant, spearing a tiger, like the one we see on the streets in Manhattan sometimes.

So that was the end of that dream. I can connect some things to events that happened to me that day…

Michelin Tires – Lizzy showed me the TV ad with the Michelin Man singing “Never Gonna Let You Go”
Connecticut train and “B” R-40 subway – I was at Grand Central Terminal earlier that day
Blueberry muffin – Ate one for breakfast

Other things, I have no clue what they stand for. I have very strange dreams. More to follow…