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Phone Et Tick Rev A Lou Shun!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

Note: This was in the April Fool’s Edition of The Ram 

Eye am sic two death of spelling every thing core rectally. Pay purse take to long too right, end Mike Row Soft spell check her isn’t all ways write. It is thyme two take back hour word pros sass ors, pen sills end pay purse. Eye pro pose that wee start spelling phone et a call Lee.

Sea? Its a lot ease ear two right when yew don’t have too worry a bout spelling things core rectally, or dusting off that old Web Stirs dick shone airy ewe have sit ting on yore she elf. Reed ding this at first may bee a lit till nuns en sickle, butt if yew reed it out loud, it makes abs soul loot cents. (more…)

You’re Mistake’s Are Drivving Me Crazy

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

While walking to the D train the other day, I noticed that the McDonald’s on the north side of East Fordham Road was closed for renovations. The sign in its window mentioned that the restaurant would reopen later this year and it would have a new, expanded “dinning room.” A dinning room? Hmm, I guess while I’m dining on a Big Mac, I’ll be continuously besieged by loud noises. After all, that is what the sign promises.

While I’m chowing down, I can look out the window and across the street. Maybe I’ll see a sign advertising “We have CD’s and Video’s for sale” in one of the multiple electronics stores. But here is where my bewilderment comes in to play. What items belonging to CD and Video are for sale? CD’s liner notes? Video’s plastic case? Considering both words are in the possessive form with ’s, something must belong to them.

East Fordham Road isn’t the only place plagued by such errors. The absence of dictionary, spell check and grammar check usage is everywhere. (more…)